Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan to die in crash horror?

This could be the end of the villain

Corrie might be about to screen the demise of villainous Pat Phelan when he’s involved in a horror van accident.

His only passenger is prisoner Andy Carver, but will the hostage escape while he can – or could he go back to save Phelan?

With Eileen having discovered the house where Andy is being held captive by her husband, the baddie builder knows he has to act fast to stop her finding out there’s far more going on in there than just the ‘repairs’ he claims he’s doing.

Eileen almost found Andy, but not quite (Credit: ITV)

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He tells a stunned Andy that he’s relocating him to France and he plans to set him free over there.

Overwhelmed Andy can’t believe he’s soon to be a free man – but he’s not free yet and as they head off in Phelan’s van, disaster strikes as they crash into some woods.

Andy is in the back and had no idea what’s going on. Actor Oliver Farnworth revealed to Inside Soap:

“Andy is tied up in the back of the van to avoid him making any false moves. But the next thing he knows, he’s flying all over the place because the van has crashed.

“Andy manages to kick open the doors using every bit of strength he has left.

Andy is tied up in the back, but breaks free after the crash (Credit: ITV)

“He hasn’t experienced daylight in a long time, and he’s drowsy, so he’s disorientated.”

However, in a shock twist, Andy realises his captor is in trouble and goes to look after him!

Andy is disorientated (Credit: BBC)

“He does think of Phelan and runs straight to the cab to check that he’s okay.” But is he?

It’s quite a strange move on Andy’s part when he could be free of his prison…

“His first feeling is compassion towards injured Phelan, but as it dawns on him this is his chance, and he thinks about what Phelan has done to him over the last eight months, he has a change of heart.

“[Andy] decides this is his opportunity – it’s now or never at this point.”

Will Andy save Phelan or himself (Credit: ITV)

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So with Andy running and searching for help, an unconscious Phelan lies bleeding at the wheel. Will anyone find him?

Will Andy send help back? Or is this really the end of Weatherfield’s most manipulative man?

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