Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan set to frame someone close to him for Andy’s murder

He's pretty good at this framing lark

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We all know by now that evil builder Pat Phelan’s time on the Corrie cobbles is nearing its end – but he’s still got a fair amount of scheming to do before we see the last of him.

Phelan (Connor McIntyre) has been pretty smug since he bumped off Andy Carver and Vinnie Ashford while simultaneously framing Anna Windass for attempted murder.

Luke’s getting dangerously close to the truth (Credit: ITV)

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That’s a lot of fingers in some very evil pies, there.

But his reign of terror is far from over – as Luke Britton and Phelan’s own protege, Seb Franklin, are about to discover.

Luke’s already stressing Phelan out as he’s getting suspicious about what exactly has happened to his former best mate, Andy, and in upcoming episodes we’ll see the mechanic’s interest intensify.

He’s set to discover the little wire house that Eileen saved from the ashes of Andy’s cellar prison which sets his mind spinning, eventually reaching out to Andy’s mate, Matt, who told him Andy was backpacking.

Phelan fed the lie to Matt (Credit: ITV)

Luke discovers that Phelan made up the backpacking lie, and Luke threatens to report Andy missing unless he gets some answers. You can imagine how chuffed the killer builder is about that.

Things get worse for Phelan when Seb, who Pat’s taken under his wing – primarily as a pawn in his game with Anna – tells him he’s got a job with Gary Windass.

And, even worse, the job’s at the Mill where Phelan disposed of Andy and Vinnie’s bodies. Uh-oh.

Feeling betrayed by Seb, Pat kicks the teen out of the house he shares with Eileen and begins to hatch a plan.

Phelan thinks Seb has betrayed him (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Seb’s girlfriend Faye, says he can stay with them as long as he changes his statement about Anna, but a furious Seb says he won’t be blackmailed and returns to Phelan’s to apologise.

Phelan seems in a forgiving mood and tells Seb they should have a drink together.

He then plies the teen with whisky, before showing him the gun that was used to kill Andy and Vinnie.

A drunk Seb picks it up to admire it, getting his fingerprints all over it in the process.

Feeling rather chuffed with himself, Phelan packs the weapon away again.

Connor said: “Pat sees this as a real act of disloyalty and as we know he doesn’t take that at all well.

Will Seb take the blame for Phelan’s crimes? (Credit: ITV)

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“This is the sort of thing that impacts on that narcissism – ‘how dare you!’ He never forgets and more importantly, he never forgives.”

Is Seb going to end up in the slammer like Anna?