Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan digs Andy’s grave

Things are about to get even darker

Coronation Street got pretty dark on Monday night as hostage Andy Carver made an escape bid and his captor Pat Phelan took steps to silence him.

And it’s only set to get even worse when Phelan decides enough is enough and digs a grave for Andy…

Having been held in the basement of a derelict house for eight months after Phelan attacked him with a laptop, Andy was desperate to get out and attempted to strangle the bald builder with a piece of cord he’d ripped from his mattress.

But Pat was far too powerful for that and got the better of his weak victim once again.

Andy tried to overpower Phelan but failed once again (Credit: ITV)

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He then took Andy’s mattress away as punishment, but there was a cry for help stuffed inside, angering Phelan even further.

Despite Phelan’s daughter Nicola catching him with the dirty mattress, the incensed bully was determined to make sure Andy stays silent and headed back inside clutching a hammer.

Shouting at Andy for ruining his life, he insisted he should have killed him months ago, before leaving a sobbing Andy alone with only a rat for company.

Left in the dark and damp, will Andy give up? (Credit: ITV)

With Eileen and Nicola suspicious about Phelan’s ongoing injuries, he knows he has to sort things out with Andy and can’t just keep him locked up indefinitely.

He does go back to see his hostage next week and finds Andy weeping as a wound from one of their fights starts to get infected.

He begs Phelan for help and the builder heads off, but he doesn’t return with medication, instead he puts his energy into digging a very big, body-shaped hole. He’s digging Andy’s grave.

Is Phelan planning on killing him for real this time? Or will he let Andy’s infected arm do the deed for him?

Andy Carver, Coronation Street (Instagram)
Andy’s fate lies in Phelan’s hands (Credit: Instagram)

“I think Pat has been doing everything he can to avoid [killing him], but there are times when he’s trying to convince himself that it’s the only option,” Connor McIntyre, who plays Phelan has revealed to Inside Soap.

“The further we go with this character, the more we realise that he’s suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. He will sidestep killing Andy if he can, but something needs to happen for this situation to be resolved.”

This doesn’t sound good for Andy, does it?

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Nicola’s getting suspicious of her dad (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Nicola thinks she and her dad are teaming up to build a youth centre. But when she informs Yasmeen Nazir of their plans, the Street resident informs her that her father is a crook who scammed a load of people over some flats.

With Nicola already suspicious, is she about to see her father’s true colours? And will that lead her to discover the truth about Andy?

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