Hollyoaks SPOILER: New Year trailer reveals huge storylines for 2018

Talk about starting the year with a bang!

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Hollyoaks have released a gripping trailer, teasing storylines for 2018 – featuring a car crash, two potential weddings, a pregnancy, surprise visitors and secrets being exposed.

No one does action-packed drama quite like Hollyoaks, and it looks like 2018 is set to be even more exciting than ever.

The trailer starts with the Maalik family in a car, entering a tunnel, along with Diane and Tony in their own car. But tragedy strikes as the cars crash dramatically inside the tunnel – who will make it out alive?

There’s tragedy in store during a huge car crash in a tunnel (Credit: Lime Pictures)

The clip then shows Harry running away from the accident scene, after which viewers will hear a trapped Tony crying out for help – but will he make it out of the wreckage?

At the end of the clip we also see Misbah reaching out to her children – but who can she save from the tragedy?

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Another huge storyline is Mandy and Luke’s wedding. As the couple finally reach their wedding day – it looks like it’s all going to go perfectly – but of course there’s drama just around the corner.

Mandy’s wedding day is thrown into jeopardy when faces from Luke’s past turn up in Hollyoaks (Credit: Lime Pictures)

But things take a turn for the worst when Luke’s secret wife, Scarlett – played by Susie Amy – arrives in Hollyoaks with their son, Oliver.

Luke’s stunned to see Scarlett – but will she stop the wedding? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Will the surprise arrival of these faces from Luke’s past be enough to stop the wedding?

Also in the trailer we see Maggie, who is ill with cancer, asking her son, Scott, to help her die when the time comes.

Maggie begs Damon to make amends before it’s too late (Credit: Lime Pictures)

After begging her estranged son, Damon to make amends before it’s too late – will she manage to reunite her family, and will Scott be able to go through with his mum’s final wish?

There’s also drama in store for Tegan when she catches Ste and Ryan kissing – but that’s not all…

Ryan and Ste are shown kissing in the New Year trailer (Credit: Lime Pictures)

The trailer also shows Tegan tearfully confronting Ryan: has she worked out the truth about Amy’s death, and will it be enough to save Harry from going down for murder?

Has Tegan worked out the truth? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

There is another wedding on the cards for 2018 when Lily and Prince get engaged.

But as always, it’s not plain sailing for the pair, and it’s not long before their wedding in Vegas is thrown into jeopardy…

Prince is stunned to find out he’s going to be a dad (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Prince is stunned when Peri announces that she’s pregnant with his baby – but does this mean Lily is about to find out they slept together? And will Prince do the right thing and stand by Peri?

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The new trailer also reveals Ellie and Sami sharing a kiss – but is their romance for real, or is this all part of Sami’s plan to ruin James’ life?

Is Sami just using Ellie to get at James? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Ellie could be the perfect way to get at James – and after blaming him for his father’s suicide, Sami is on a vendetta to finish James off for good. It looks like Ellie could just part of his master plan…

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