Emmerdale SPOILER: Nell’s pregnant and Jai takes drastic action

Is he happy about the baby or not?

Emmerdale’s Nell Fairfax and Jai Sharma look set to play happy families next week as they discover she’s expecting a baby.

After some mixed feelings about the news, Jai decides to propose and make their little family official. But is everything as it seems?

Things are looking up for Nell (Credit: ITV)

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Things are looking up for Nell as her photography starts to take off (hang on, isn’t that what Jai’s ex Holly Barton used to be in to? Seriously this is getting creepy now…).

Bob Hope even encourages her to do a photoshoot with the villagers for a display, leaving her ecstatic her life is finally starting to turn itself around after her drug addiction and discovering her little girl, Rosie, had died.

But Jai is secretly a little concerned by Nell’s behaviour – he thinks she’s showing all the signs of being on drugs again.

As he confronts her over her problems, she comes back at his accusations by revealing she thinks she might be pregnant.

Taking a test, the recovering addict is thrilled when she reports back to Jai that she is in fact carrying his child. Hmm, unless we see the test, we’re not sure we believe it…

Overwhelmed by the news, Jai doesn’t know what to do and his mind-fog isn’t helped by his dad, Rishi, expressing his disapproval for the situation.

Jai’s reaction isn’t quite what Nell hoped for (Credit: ITV)

Plucking up the courage, Jai explains to Nell they need to talk about the baby, but she’s furious and convinced he doesn’t want it.

She lashes out and storms off, believing he doesn’t want to commit to her and their future.

It’s a big wake-up call for Jai and, wanting to prove her wrong, he heads into town to buy an engagement ring!

Upset Nell storms off when Jai tells her he’s concerned (Credit: ITV)

It’s a bit extreme and we’re not too sure he won’t end up living to regret it, but he does indeed plan to propose and make their family complete.

How will Nell react to the huge gesture? Will it be enough to convince her she has a secure and stable life with Jai? And will it lead to his third marriage?

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Viewers haven’t been convinced by Nell from the start. Her resemblance to Holly both in looks and her journey with drugs, plus her manipulative techniques to get Jai to stay with her, including self-harming, have had fans wondering if she was for real.

When she discovered the daughter she’d had taken into care had died, viewers were quick to suggest she’d made the whole story up.

Is her pregnancy fake too? Or is she actually on the level this time – is she really carrying Jai’s baby?

He doesn’t have the best track record with fatherhood as all of his children have been taken from him by their mothers.

Can he finally be the father he wants to be this time?

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