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Coronation Street SPOILER: Murder on the Cobbles this Christmas?

Peter wants revenge...

There’s clifftop drama in store for Billy Mayhew on Christmas Day when Peter Barlow vows to get the ultimate revenge for his sister’s death.

Ever since discovering Billy’s involvement in Susan Barlow’s death, Peter has been on the warpath, looking to make him pay for his crimes.

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Peter is desperate to make Billy suffer like Susan did (Credit: ITV)

But it looks like the end could be nigh for Billy this Christmas when Peter forces his nemesis to drink two bottles of vodka, before dumping him in the boot of the car and driving him to a clifftop.

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In the boot, vicar Billy prays for his life – but it seems no one has heard his prayers when they arrive at the deserted location and a dark showdown between the pair takes place.

Desperate for Billy to suffer like his sister did, Peter tells him that he’s going to let the vehicle  plunge over the edge of the cliff, so he can die in a car crash like Susan did.

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Billy is terrified as Peter threatens to kill him (Credit: ITV)

These dramatic scenes are set to have viewers on the edge of their seats on Christmas Day. But it turns out all is not as it seems…

As Peter returns to the Street, he confesses everything hysterically to the Barlows – convinced he’s murdered Billy.

But, despite the terrifying confrontation between the pair, it turns out that Billy isn’t dead – and is in fact in a coma in hospital.

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Christmas Day is far from fun for Billy (Credit: ITV)

Back in Weatherfield, Ken panics that Peter is heading back to prison and tells everyone in the family to deny any knowledge when asked about Billy’s whereabouts.

With Eileen by his side, Billy lies motionless in hospital fighting for his life.

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But, it looks like Peter’s crimes might be revealed when Billy finally regains consciousness, much to Eileen’s delight.

Billy’s Christmas takes a sudden turn when Peter vows revenge… (Credit: ITV)

However, just as he’s about to tell her about the traumatic sequence of events in the boot of the car, he arrests and his life is hanging in the balance once again.

Will Billy ever regain consciousness to tell anyone what Peter did to him?

And what will happen to Peter if Billy dies and he’s got murder on his conscience?