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Friday 7th August 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: More heartache in store for Seb

As if he's not been through enough this week

It hasn't been a great time for Corrie's Seb Franklin after his mum overdosed, then he fell off a ladder and in hospital was diagnosed with HIV.

Feeling uncertain about his own future, Seb just doesn't know where this leaves his relationship with Faye and unable to process everything that's going on at the moment, it looks like there's more heartache in store for the pair.

Are things going to get even worse for the teen? (Credit: ITV)

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After he fell off the ladder, viewers know it was an accident, but evil Pat Phelan has framed Anna Windass and she's been arrested and charged with GBH.

As her bail conditions mean she can't be anywhere near him, it means Seb can't go to the house to see Faye let alone stay over with her, leaving the teen gutted.

Needing somewhere to stay Seb ends up moving in with Tim and Sally Metcalfe, but Sally's guilt over the fact she was the one who reported Seb's family to social services and not Anna as everyone believes is getting to her.

Sally ends up confessing what she did (Credit: ITV)

She eventually gives in and reveals what she did, but if she was expecting Seb to lash out like he did at Anna, she's wrong.

The fight seemingly knocked out of him, Seb forgives her as she explains she was concerned for his welfare.

He says the fault is his mum's, but his own depression at how events are playing out is obvious.

Faye comes over to try and lift his spirits, but Seb doesn't really open up to her.

Seb is really struggling (Credit: ITV)

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As she tells him she's not bothered by his HIV diagnosis and promises him she still loves him, Seb still doesn't give anything back.

He's downbeat and unable to cope with what the future may hold for him.

Not wanting to communicate further, despite Faye's desperate attempts to get through to him, Seb thinks the outlook on his life is bleak.

Can Faye persuade him everything will be okay and they'll get through this together?

Or is this the end of the road for the couple that have fought so hard to be together?