Coronation Street SPOILER: More heartache for Michelle as Robert ‘diagnosed’ with cancer

Wow. It's really not been their year

Just when we thought there might be a break from misery on the cards for Michelle Connor and Robert Preston, we now hear that Rob’s about to face a shock cancer diagnosis.

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A source told The Sun that the couple will face Robert’s testicular cancer together in a storyline coming up this autumn.

The insider said: “This is going to be a big storyline for Robert which is likely to have Coronation Street fans hooked for weeks.

“It will really test his relationship with Michelle as she tries to offer him support in his darkest hour.

“But the big question is whether he’s willing to accept her help and save himself.”

The Corrie spy also revealed that Michelle will try to convince Robert to have a testicle removed in an operation that could save his life.

2017 has really not been kind to Robert and Michelle. The pair got together shortly after Michelle discovered her husband, Steve, had fathered a baby with Leanne Battersby.

A few months later, a former associate of Robert’s – drug dealer, Rich – arrived on the cobbles and tried to extort money from him. Chesney Brown was caught in the crossfire, ending up in hospital after Rich stabbed him with a broken bottle.

Then they became victims of a terror campaign when someone, who they presumed was Rich, began targeting them.

The Bistro was firebombed and vandalised – and drugs were planted on the premises. Michelle was also drugged and kidnapped by a mystery assailant, before being locked in the boot of a car.

Robert, believing Rich was behind the terror, attacked his former friend and is now serving a prison sentence for assault.

Michelle has since discovered that her old school friend, Will Chatterton, was behind the campaign after finding a folder of photos of herself in his house.

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With the help of Steve and Leanne, she managed to get him arrested.

Let’s hope 2018 is a bit brighter for them.

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