EastEnders SPOILER: More Christmas Day horrors revealed in new festive trailer

Ian's beaten and bleeding, while Phil's on a rampage...

Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about the huge Brannings showdown on Christmas Day – the BBC go and release another cracking trailer revealing even more explosive secrets.

As Christmas draws near, we’re getting closer to being put out of our misery and finally finding out what’s going to happen between Max and his new enemies.

Something tells us Stacey will regret standing by Max (Credit: BBC)

But, just as we think we’ve pieced the puzzle together, more plot twists have been revealed.

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The trailer opens with a quiet-looking Christmas morning on Albert Square, but of course that’s all about to change. No one ever had a peaceful 25th December in Walford.

The drama kicks off when we see Karen Taylor giving son Keegan a phone and asking him to return it to Stacey Slater. Nothing new about that information so far…

The phone that holds all the secrets – but will Stacey ever hear Jane’s message? (Credit: BBC)

Then comes Stacey asking Max why he’s being so secretive – before a shot of the phone still holding all the messages from Jane that reveal everything about what Max has been up to since he returned to Walford.

Before now we didn’t know if Stacey heard the messages or if Max got to them first… but the next shot sees Max listening to the revealing messages, hinting that perhaps he got to the phone before Stacey did.

Max isn’t exactly Mr Popular in Walford right now (Credit: BBC)

In the messages, Jane’s voice can be heard telling the listener: “He’s out of control, Stacey. He’s capable of anything.”

But as the trailer continues, it confirms that the Beale’s are also involved in the festive drama…

Lauren tells her dad a few home truths (Credit: BBC)

Outside Ian’s house, Lauren can be seen telling Max: “Dad, I think you need help.” Before a shot of Max, crying alone in the dark and his voice revealling: “I’ve got a virus in my head that made me do those things.”

Max is a broken man, but will that stop him doing bad things? (Credit: BBC)

And it seems Max spends the day keeping everyone from their turkey dinners.

Stacey’s fuming when she finds out what Max has done (Credit: BBC)

Not only does a huge fight at the Fowlers cause Stacey to dramatically throw everything off the Christmas dinner table in a rage, but then Max is fighting with her in the middle of the Square as she screams at him to ‘let her go’.

Stacey looks terrified as Max grabs her (Credit: BBC)

But the biggest revelation comes as we see a soaking wet Kathy standing in the Mitchell’s kitchen telling Phil, “You’ve got to finish this.”

Kathy goes to Phil to ask for his help (Credit: BBC)

And finish it, he does!

After seeing Ian sobbing uncontrollably in his Christmas jumper with blood pouring from his head, the next moment brings Phil and Max alone out in the Square.

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As the pair square up to each other, Phil menacingly tells his enemy, “You’re over, Max.”

Is Phil really capable of killing Max on Christmas Day? (Credit: BBC)

Now, that’s not something you ever want to hear from and angry-looking Mitchell, especially on Christmas Day!

Watch the Brannings’ final showdown in the EastEnders Christmas Day special at 9pm on BBC One.