Coronation Street SPOILER: Michelle exposes Will – but is she in more danger?

She finally realises he's the one who's been terrorising her

We’ve been waiting with baited breath for the moment Michelle Connor works out that her twisted friend, Will Chatterton, is the person who’s been terrorising her for months.

Is Michelle in the viper’s nest (Credit: ITV)

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Will has been secretly stalking Michelle and has unleashed a campaign of terror on her and her fella, Robert Preston, making them think Robert’s drug dealing mate, Rich, was responsible.

Since realising that Rich isn’t behind the stalking, Robert and Michelle decided to stage a break-up in order to draw the real culprit out.

And it seems like their plan might have worked when ‘Chelle asks Will to be her plus-one at Aidan and Eva’s wedding, and he jumps at the chance, thinking it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Michelle has no idea that Will is her stalker (Credit: ITV)

But weirdo Will is left gutted when he follows Michelle and realises she’s still visiting Robert in prison and has been lying about the break-up.

Scorned Will then leaves a white rose, a flower Mich associates with her lost baby Ruairi, on her car bonnet, leaving her shaken.

Will makes sure he’s on hand to comfort her, and takes her back to his house for a drink and some quiche. Yes, we said ‘quiche’.

What a romantic.

But when Michelle’s left alone in the living room, she stumbles across a folder filled with photos of her.

The penny drops that Will is the one who’s been terrorising her and Michelle makes a desperate bid to escape from Will’s house.

The penny drops for Michelle (Credit: ITV)

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But is it too little too late? Could Michelle be in serious danger?

Considering this is the man who’s planted drugs, spiked her drink and kidnapped her and fire-bombed her restaurant, we reckon she’s in big trouble.

Be careful, Michelle.