Corrie SPOILER: Michelle cancels the wedding!

Still reeling after Aidan's suicide she decides the time isn't right to marry Robert

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Following Aidan Connor’s tragic suicide, Michelle announces that she’s cancelled her upcoming wedding to Robert Preston.

Michelle tells Robert she wants to call off the wedding (Credit: ITV)

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She decides that having a big celebration so close to Aidan’s death wouldn’t be the right thing to do as the Connor family are still overwhelmed with shock and grief.

But when Michelle breaks the news to her estranged son Ali Neeson, she’s surprised by his reaction.

He suggests that instead of calling it off altogether, she makes it a smaller, family-only affair and says it might be just the thing the family needs after recent events.

Robert and Ali want it to go ahead (Credit: ITV)

Michelle is dumbstruck when Ali even offers to help organise it for her.

Robert agrees with Ali that it’s a good idea and the pair join forces to try and persuade Michelle that a smaller, more intimate ceremony should go ahead.

But will Michelle agree?

Meanwhile, while Ali is actually being nice to his biological mother for once, Liz makes an interesting discovery about him at the surgery.

Dr. Gaddas lets slip that Ali had to pull some strings to secure his placement in Weatherfield, which leaves Liz puzzled as Ali has always said it was pure coincidence that he was working so close to Michelle.

Liz confronts Ali after her discovery (Credit: ITV)

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Wondering why Ali lied, she confronts him and says if he so obviously wants to build bridges with Michelle, then he really needs to get on with it.

Is everything what it seems with Ali? Can Michelle trust him with her wedding?

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