EastEnders SPOILER: Max to kill Jane in hospital?

Max will stop at nothing to keep his secret

The face of EastEnders Max Branning last week when Jane Beale was wheeled into hospital, seriously injured but alive, was a picture.

He really thought he’d got away with it and kept his secret, but as her condition remains critical next week is he about to take drastic action to make sure she never wakes up?

Max was stunned to see Jane survived (Credit: BBC)

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Max left Jane to die in the blaze at Beales that he had forced Steven Beale to set.

When Steven himself died it must have been a weight of Max’s mind as that was one less person who knew what he was up to to worry about.

But he didn’t bank on Jane surviving the fire and now he’s got a major problem on his hands. If she wakes up, there is no way she’ll keep schtum about what Max has been up to – and she knows pretty much everything.

Ian is terrified Jane is going to die (Credit: BBC)

As he waits nervously for news of her condition, so too does her husband Ian.

Max even managed to charm his way into the ward and get an update on Jane’s condition. Sneaky.

But Ian is struggling to cope following Steven’s death and not knowing whether his wife will survive.

After some words from Sharon, Ian ends up turning to Max for comfort and support – big mistake.

Jane knows too much about Max – will Max make her pay for that? (Credit: BBC)

He begs Max to come to the hospital with him, not realising he’s giving the man who got her in this mess in the first place the perfect opportunity to get close to Jane again.

Will it give the bad boy Branning the moment he needs to turn off Jane’s machines and leave her to die? Now he’s being treated like one of the family, will Max use it to his advantage?

Or will Ian get suspicious when the nurses reveal Max has already been in asking questions about Jane?

Viewers certainly seem to think Max is going to off Jane, tweeting their horror that that’s exactly what they’re sure he’s planning.

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Are EastEnders really going to turn Max into the killer everyone thought he was?

And is there any redemption possible for him if they do?

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