EastEnders SPOILER: Max Branning stares down the worst week of his entire life

All hell is set to break loose for Abi’s final days...

Time is drawing to an close for EastEnders’ Abi Branning – with her life support machine being turned off at the end of the week.

But before her final scenes are aired, Max is forced to face some home truths about his daughter’s future.

Max has been in denial about Abi’s critical condition since Christmas (Credit: BBC)

With Abi being kept alive by a machine after her horrific plunge from the roof of The Vic on Christmas Day, doctors have revealed there is nothing more that can be done for the new mum.

But knowing that really, this is inadvertently all his fault, Max is in denial and keeps coming up with new plans to save her life.

Deep down Max knows this is all his fault… (Credit: BBC)

However, tonight’s visit to Walford will see Mr Branning given a harsh reality check by the doctors looking after Abi, when they sternly tell Max there really is nothing more they can do for his youngest daughter.

Planning to come up with yet another desperate way to save Abi – Max is clearly still hopeful that she might make a miraculous recovery.

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Even when the doctor decides to take a more stern approach to get through to get through to him, Max refuses to listen.

Feeling desperately alone with no one listening to him, Max deals with the reality the best way he knows how – by getting shirty with Abi’s doctor and threatening him. Obviously.

Lauren faces the tough job of getting Max to see sense… (Credit: BBC)

In the end it is up to Lauren to have a word with her dad and make him see he’s just delaying the inevitable.

Having come to the sad realisation that her sister is never going to wake up, Lauren’s got a job on her hands to get Max to see the same thing.

But as she delivers some home truths to Max – will he listen?

Max busies himself by building the cot as a surprise for Abi… (Credit: BBC)

The desperate dad is heartbroken when a package arrives for Abi this week – a baby cot that she ordered before her deadly fall.

But even putting that together for his new granddaughter isn’t enough to take Max’s mind off Abi’s critical state.

Will Max’s family be able to make him see he’s delating the inevitable? (Credit: BBC)

In the end it is left up to Dot to come and try and talk some sense into Max. Will her wise words be what he needs to hear to make him see sense?

Surely Dot knows what to say to get through to Max? (Credit: BBC)

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EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One.