EastEnders SPOILER: Masood’s new family set to land Aidan’s gang in trouble with the police

They're not going to be popular!

They’ve only been in the Square for five minutes, and already Masood’s Uncle Arshad and Aunty Miriam are causing a stir in tonight’s EastEnders.

After witnessing the failed heist involving Aidan and his gang of Walford men just hours after moving into Walford, Arshad sets about telling everyone in the cafe what he’d seen.

Kathy’s New Year’s Day party is in full swing before Arshad reveals details of the shooting (Credit: BBC)

Arshad doesn’t hold back when he tells everyone about what Mick Carter, Phil Mitchell, Vincent Hubbard and Keanu Taylor have all been up to, but he doesn’t realise he’s actually talking to some of the men’s nearest and dearest.

Arshad delights in telling the women about what he’s witnessed (Credit: BBC)

And little does he know, while he’s telling the women gathered for Kathy’s tea party – which has turned slightly drunken after tea drinking was replaced with brandy – the police have walked in behind him.

Little does Arshad know the police have walked in behind him and heard everything (Credit: BBC)

With Mick and co desperate to keep what happened on New Year’s Day a secret – Arshad’s revelation isn’t going to go down too well.

As Masood’s uncle keeps talking, it is left to Kathy to signal to Arshad that there is a policeman standing behind him.

But it’s not just the police who are all ears when Arshad starts talking – Sharon and Kim’s interest is also heightened, knowing that their other halves could be involved.

Sharon knew Phil was taking part in a dodgy job on New Year’s Day (Credit: BBC)

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Sharon knew that Phil was involved in a dodgy job that day – and as soon as the details of the shooting are revealed, it’s clear she thinks her husband is likely to be involved.

Kathy signals for Arshad to stop talking (Credit: BBC)

Kim, who is still in the dark about exactly what Vincent is up to is instantly worried – especially after having just revealed to Sharon that she thinks her husband is up to something.

The revelation comes after Masood and Arshad reveal they need to go and collect Miriam. Arshad tells the women: “She was waiting in the van. Well after the gun fire we thought we better get her out of here.”

Arshad witness the botched heist just hours after moving to Walford (Credit: BBC)

“It was crazy, just down the road. People shouting at each other and wearing balaclavas and waving their guns about and bang.”

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