EastEnders SPOILER: Martin’s prison hell

He's not coping well

‘Enders fans were all fuming this week when Martin Fowler was sent daaaahn for assaulting a police officer during all the explosion madness last week.

Martin isn’t coping with prison life (Credit: BBC)

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The fruit and veg salesman (that’s posh for stall holder) was handed a four-week sentence, which left viewers rancid with rage, especially after Joyce Murray – who confessed to shooting Johnny – walked free.

Well, prepare to be even more outraged as poor Martin doesn’t exactly cope well with prison life, as Stacey discovers when she visits her husband in prison next week.

Stace is having a hard time herself back on the Square. Following Kush’s heart attack, she gets some worrying news about Arthur, who is Kush’s biological son, of course.

There’s a chance that the little one could have a hereditary condition, but what does that mean for his future?

Stacey storms off to the hospital, expecting answers then and there, but is left deflated after talking to the doctors.

Martin was sentenced after assaulting a police officer (Credit: BBC)

And if things weren’t bad enough she then finds out she has to wait another week to get a specialist appointment for the tot.

What could be wrong with him?

Stacey heads to the prison to fill Martin in, but she quickly changes her mind when she sees how much he’s struggling being banged up.

Let’s hope Martin doesn’t follow in his dad’s footsteps after his stint in prison. Arthur Fowler Sr suffered a mental breakdown back in 1986 after a short stint in prison.

It looks like Stacey is the one on the verge of a breakdown as she tries to cope with everything on her own, while Martin remains clueless inside.

Luckily for Stacey, Sonia and Bex are on hand to help out as the strain becomes too much for the pregnant mum-of-two.

Stacey can’t tell Martin about Arthur (Credit: BBC)

They realise Stace has reached breaking point when she falls asleep and misses daughter, Lily’s, dance recital.

Stacey reaches out to Sonia for some help with childcare, but will that ease the burden of worrying about Arthur on her own?

And what’s happening in prison that’s making Martin so unhappy? Will he be the same person when he’s released?

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Or will his stint inside change him forever?