Coronation Street SPOILER: Maria stops the wedding

She's determined to ruin everything

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Coronation Street has promised HUGE wedding shocks next week as Eva prepares to marry Aidan.

But with the bride planning to expose her groom’s affair with bridesmaid Maria at the altar, Maria might just ruin everything when she bursts into the ceremony.

Eva’s revenge plan is already going a bit wrong when Maria announces she can’t attend the wedding because her son, Liam, is poorly.

Without the lady in question there, it sort of takes the shine off the whole plot, but Eva tries not to let it bother her.

However, then Aidan turns up on the morning of the wedding and confesses everything!

Aidan confesses everything throwing Eva’s world into a spin (Credit: ITV)

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After spending the night together before the wedding, Eva’s feeling a little bit confused, especially as her groom has told her how much he loves her and can’t wait to marry her.

But Aidan knows there’s one thing he has to do before he can get hitched. Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva, revealed to Inside Soap:

“That morning he says to her: ‘I love you so much, but I cannot walk down the aisle with this in my heart’. And he confesses what he’s done.”

Eva’s completely torn – all of her plans are about to come crashing down and she isn’t even sure she wants to go through with it anyway.

The guests are there, the groom is in place, will the bride turn up? (Credit: ITV)

As the guests start arriving at the venue, someone else who’s not supposed to be there turns up: Maria!

She’s lurking behind the scenes, dressed casually in shorts and a t-shirt, so when Toyah, who’s in on Eva’s plot, spots Maria skulking around, she senses trouble.

Taking action, Toyah locks Maria in the bathroom to stop her causing a scene. There’s no love lost between these two anyway, so it gives Toyah huge satisfaction to sort Maria out.

With Aidan unsure whether Eva’s even going to turn up after his confession, he’s relieved when his bride arrives and walks down the aisle.

But is she there to marry him or is she there to humiliate him?

Maria bursts in (Credit: ITV)

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As proceedings get underway, Maria has managed to escape from the loo and is making her way inside.

“She’s all guns blazing,” Catherine adds. “What happens next is fantastic and I think the viewers will be gobsmacked…”

Eva gives it to her with both barrels (Credit: ITV)

So with Maria stopping the wedding and making her big announcement, is she set to be left looking really stupid when Eva reveals she already knows?

Or does Maria have something else – even more terrible – to expose to the stunned congregation?

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