Coronation Street SPOILER: Luke to be Phelan’s next victim?

New year, new body count?

It doesn’t look like 2018 is going to be a very happy New Year for Luke Britton as he gets himself pulled deeper into Pat Phelan’s dark and dangerous world in the coming weeks.

Corrie fans already know what evil builder, Phelan, is capable of, having seen him ruthlessly kill Andy Carver after holding him hostage for months.

Luke confronts Phelan about Andy (Credit: ITV)

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Before he point-blank shot Andy, he forced him to shoot another of Phelan’s enemies, Vinnie Ashworth, before dumping both bodies at the Mill.

But Phelan’s crimes look set to come back to haunt him early next year as Luke starts to smell several rats over the stories he’s been fed about his pal, Andy’s, disappearance.

Luke’s suspicions are roused when he begins to question the story Andy’s friend, Matt, gave him about the now-deceased Bistro worker being backpacking in Belize.

The mechanic confronts Matt, who finally admits Phelan made the story up and told him to tell Luke.

Luke grills Matt about Andy (Credit: ITV)

Luke then heads off to have it out with Phelan, visiting him at a new building development he’s working on. Be careful Luke, we all know what Phelan likes to do at new building developments.

Phelan hasn’t got any answers for Luke’s questions so he tells the twisted conman that he’s going to go to the police and report Andy missing – along with everything he knows about Phelan’s involvement.

But as Luke goes to leave, Phelan wallops him over the head with a rock. Luke fights back and throws a cracker of a punch that leaves Phelan unconscious.

Phelan will do anything to cover his tracks (Credit: ITV)

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However, as Luke staggers to his car, Phelan comes round and gives chase.

Will Luke make it to the police? Or will Phelan go to more terrible lengths to keep his dark secrets dead and buried?