Coronation Street SPOILER: Luke in danger as Phelan strikes again tonight

Is Luke about to become the latest victim of the Cobbles Killer?

There are some dramatic developments in the Phelan storyline in tonight’s double episode of Corrie – leaving Luke in massive danger as he works out what’s been going on.

Luke’s been worried about where his old mate Andy has disappeared to, so he’s been doing some digging into Andy’s supposed travel plans.

He tracks down Andy’s friend Matt, and arranges to meet him to chat about Andy.

Luke’s intrigued when he sees Matt in conversation with Phelan (Credit: ITV)

But when he arrives, he’s intrigued to see Matt deep in conversation with Phelan. Luke stays out of sight and when Pat leaves, he heads over to talk to Matt.

Matt admits he has no idea where Andy is and adds that the backpacking story was invented by Phelan. Hmm, suspicious.

Luke wants to know the truth (Credit: ITV)

Realising he’s been tricked into thinking his mate was abroad – Luke’s determined to get to the bottom of what’s happened.

Of course, viewers know that evil Phelan kidnapped Andy, kept him prisoner for months, and then forced him to kill Vinny – before finishing off Andy himself. Dark stuff.

Phelan held Andy hostage (Credit: ITV)

Wondering what’s happened to Andy, Luke tracks Phelan down at the mill, to get more info.

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He finds Phelan at a site very close to where Andy and Vinny’s bodies are hidden and maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s just Luke’s determination to get to the truth, but for once the builder is unnerved.

Luke’s not convinced by Phelan’s answers (Credit: ITV)

As Luke bombards Phelan with questions, he can’t come up with convincing arguments fast enough and Luke’s not giving up.

Luke announces he’s going to speak to the police and report Andy as missing. Uh-oh!

Backed into a corner, Phelan grabs a rock and whacks Luke over the head with it but Luke’s stronger and he soon manages to punch Phelan and make his escape.

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Terrified his whole murderous past is about to be revealed, Phelan jumps into his van and chases Luke in a dramatic car chase.

Whether Luke escapes or whether Phelan claims another victim is being kept top-secret by Corrie bosses, but it’s bound to be a thriller of an episode.

Corrie airs 7.30 and 8.30pm tonight on ITV.

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