Coronation Street SPOILER: Love triangle drama for Fiz and Tyrone!

Who causes trouble for Weatherfield's favourite couple?

Coronation Street have hinted at a new love triangle in Weatherfield – and fans of Fiz Stapes and Tyrone Dobbs won’t be happy!

The couple have only recently recovered from Tyrone’s fling with Gemma, but already it looks like Fiz might have another love rival to worry about…

Who knew Tyrone would prove so popular with the ladies?

Will Abi come between Fiz and Tyrone? (Credit: ITV)

This time, it’s Tyrone’s new lady friend Abi Franklin who is causing Fiz grief…

Next week, we’ll see Fiz bitterly opposing Tyrone’s fledgling friendship with Abi.

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And who can blame her after Tyrone’s recent infidelity?

Viewers will see Fiz struggling to contain her jealousy when it becomes clear that Tyrone and Abi are getting along very well while working together at the garage.

Oh dear, this looks a bit worrying for Fiz (Credit: ITV)

When Abi starts working as the Street’s latest mechanic, she immediately hits it off with affable Tyrone. But Fiz is unhappy as she watches the friendship blossom.

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And, as preview pictures show Abi giving Tyrone a kiss on the cheek, we wonder if Fiz has every reason to be concerned!?

When Fiz hears that Abi used to be a heroin addict, she feels she has a valid reason to warn Tyrone off her – saying it’s because she doesn’t want a former junkie around the children…

Tyrone seems to be lapping up the attention (Credit: ITV)

Despite voicing her reservations to Tyrone, however, he continues to defend the new girl so Fiz resorts to Plan B – asking Hope to spy on Abi and report back to her!

When Hope tells Fiz that Abi was seen planting a kiss on Tyrone’s cheek, Fiz sees red and the pair clash.

And with Fiz’s good (male) friend Kim Vaughan coming to visit and cause even more tensions between Fiz and Tyrone, relations are far from perfect for the Corrie favourites…

Will Tyrone stray again?

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