Love Island SPOILER: Jonny to get a taste of his own medicine when Tyla dumps him?

She tells the girls that she's getting "bored" with the kisses and cuddles

Fans will no doubt be rejoicing at the news of Tyla Carr potentially dumping Jonny Mitchell in Love Island tonight.

The gorgeous brunette has been spilling her heart out to the girls and described “snakey” Jonny as being too “soppy”.

Has he come on too strong and scared her off?

Jonny’s anxious that Tyla isn’t keen on him anymore and gets Amber to do some digging (Credit: ITV Pictures)

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In tonight’s installment, Jonny is seen in the Beach Hut after noticing that Tyla was being off with him.

The 26-year-old says: “It is a little bit weird with Tyla today. Last night she wasn’t really talkative, she just wanted to go to sleep.”


Clearly worried that she’s going to ‘pie him off’ he then chats to official couple Kem Cetinary and Amber Davies about his girl problems.

“I wish she felt the same. I feel like she’s being well off with me. Have a word with her for me and don’t tell her that you’ve spoken to me. I think she might have got annoyed that I went over and kicked off (with Theo).

“I’m not exactly her boyfriend, have a word and just see where her head is at,” he asks Amber.

Dancer Amber asks Tyla how she’s feeling, and it isn’t good news (Credit: ITV Pictures)

So Amber, being the lovely person she is (or a gossip), talks to Tyla about her feelings towards Jonny.

The petite model replies: “I think I’m getting a little bit like ‘ugh’ with Jonny. I just feel like he’s not playful enough for me.

“He is just very soppy and I don’t mind soppy as long as it also comes with playfulness and manliness… I like the kisses and the cuddles and putting his arm around me and stuff but I also want him to pick me up and throw me in the pool.

“I’m just getting a bit bored and feeling like he’s being a bit fragile. If a macho man walked through the door with a lot of confidence and he was quite loud I’d probably be like…”

Tyla tells Amber that he’s not playful enough for her (Credit: ITV Pictures)

“Head turned?” Amber asks.

“Yeah,” Tyla agrees, “I genuinely need that mad, playful side. It’s just all soppy.”

We wonder whether new boy Theo Campbell has actually caught her attention?

In the Beach Hut, she is seen talking about how dull things have gotten between her and Jonny.

The 24-year-old tells the girls that her and Jonny’s relationship is too “comfortable” (Credit: ITV Pictures)

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She then chats to the girls after a match of volleyball: “Things are going really well with me and Jonny but I feel like he is getting a bit comfortable.

“I’m finding it a little bit meh… It’s got nothing to do with Theo at all because I do really fancy Jonny, I still fancy his pants off. Theo is a nice guy but he is far from my type.”

We’ll see about that.

Tonight, it’s up to the newbies to choose which person they want to couple up with.

Along with tall, dark and handsome Theo, there’s a blonde bombshell called Georgia who is heading in to stir things up a little bit more.

Tune in at 9pm on ITV2 for more dramz!