Emmerdale SPOILER: Laurel in danger as she finally finds out the truth about Emma

At last! But what will she do about it?

Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas finally discovers that Emma Barton is a killer next week, phew!

And she even does the right thing and calls the police – double phew!

But it can’t be that simple, after all, we know Emma’s cleverer than that. Will she find yet another way to squirm out of it? And is Laurel in danger if she does?

Emma tries the sweetness and light approach first (Credit: ITV)

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Laurel’s suspicions over Emma started to grow when she found out about the destroyed video footage.

It was quite clear to caring mum Laurel that her son, Arthur, wasn’t afraid of Emma for no reason and Laurel’s mind started whirring to try and piece the facts together.

Laurel knows Emma was on the bridge the night James died, and has been desperate to find out what really happened.

And now she’s realised that Emma killed James and is trying to keep the truth from coming out.

Totally convinced that that’s what happened, now all Laurel has to do is prove it. Easier said than done, though…

Laurel wants answers from Finn (Credit: ITV)

Deciding to confront Emma’s son Finn Barton about what happened at the inquest into James’s death, Laurel pays him a visit.

But Emma returns home from her prayer retreat right in the middle of Laurel’s questioning about his parents’ relationship, and realises she’s under serious suspicion so she needs to do something about it.

Emma’s unnerved by how much Laurel is trying to out her secret (Credit: ITV)

When she later overhears Laurel telling Bob Hope her theories, Emma decides to pay Laurel a visit at home, when she’s alone and it can just be the two of them. This doesn’t sound good for Laurel…

As Emma’s unsettling behaviour starts to get under Laurel’s skin, has Emma done enough to throw Laurel off the scent? Not likely!

“As the story progresses, Laurel is totally convinced that Emma killed James,” Charlotte Bellamy, who plays Laurel, revealed to the latest issue of Inside Soap. “No one else is though!

“She confronts Finn to find out what happened at the court hearing. But the more the story develops, the more mad Laurel looks.”

Angry Emma warns Laurel to stop meddling (Credit: ITV)

Deciding there’s only one thing for it, Laurel calls the police on Emma. Although she has no evidence, she hopes a visit from the boys in blue will be enough to scare Emma into confessing.

She clearly doesn’t know Emma! “Emma’s far too clever [to crack],” Charlotte admitted to

“Emma plants a bottle of vodka so it looks like Laurel is drinking. Emma tells people Laurel’s drinking again so of course that gives her story a bit more weight because it looks like Laurel is going mad or drinking because of Ashley’s death.

“She’s trying to discredit her.”

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Desperate to prove she’s not the mad one, Laurel starts hunting for evidence in Emma’s home. But will she find anything useful without getting caught out?

Laurel’s looking for the memory card, but will she find it? (Credit: ITV)

As the audience stand behind Laurel, desperate for her to put an end to Emma walking free as if nothing has happened, it’s going to take a determined Laurel to bring her former friend down.

“Without giving too much away, Emma’s newfound religion is her weak point in the end. As the story progresses she becomes more obsessed with God.”

We really hope this is the beginning of the end for the nutty nurse. Though with things set to play out until the autumn, we reckon we’re probably still a way off Emma getting her comeuppance just yet.

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