Emmerdale SPOILER: Laurel catches Emma out

Emma proves she'll do whatever it takes to keep her secret hidden

Emma Barton stoops to some new lows in the Dales next week as she tries to manipulate little Arthur Thomas, after realising he’s seen the footage of her trying to manipulate the late Ashley Thomas. Still with us? Yeah, there’s a LOT of manipulation going on.

Emma searches for the video file (credit: ITV)

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As we all know, Ashley, was the only person who saw Emma on the bridge the day James Barton died.

While Ashley was battling dementia, Emma visited him and used his condition to manipulate the situation so his memories of that day became confused. But she had no idea the whole thing was recorded on Ashley’s video camera.

Arthur sees the video this week and confronts Emma telling her she “makes people cry” and when Emma realises the evidence he has, she is forced to act fast.

But, despite her best efforts with Arthur, Emma soon realises that what she really needs to do, is get rid of the footage completely.

Obviously, that’s easier said than done as the footage is on a laptop in Mulberry Cottage. Emma plans to get Laurel out of the house and have a root around so later, while the pair are on a walk, Emma fakes an injury and heads back to the cottage alone.

Oops. Caught in the act (credit: ITV)

Once she’s in, she begins rifling through the files on the computer, but is frustrated when she can’t find what she’s looking for. Always the way, eh?

But before she can destroy the footage, Emma’s interrupted by Laurel returning from her walk and catching Emma rummaging around her house.

Laurel’s worried by Emma’s behaviour (credit: ITV)

Laurel’s taken aback by Emma’s behaviour and Emma leaves, worried that she’s made Laurel suspicious.

She’s right to worry as later, Laurel confides in Harriett that she thinks Emma’s been behaving very strangely.

Emma, frustrated that the video is still out there, prays for God’s help in finding a way to get rid of it. Not sure the big guy is gonna have your back on this on, Emma.

She’s pleased when she comes up with another way into manipulating Arthur to keep him quiet about what he knows.

Emma has a nasty plan for little Arthur (credit: ITV)

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Soon she’s getting ready to set a trap for Arthur, and we don’t reckon it’s going to be something the vulnerable nine-year-old’s gonna like.

Laurel can see something’s worrying her son though and when he starts wetting the bed, she turns to none other than Emma for advice.

Knowing she can turn this situation to her advantage, just how far is Emma prepared to go to keep Arthur quiet?