Emmerdale SPOILER: Lachlan hires a prostitute

The troubled teen's former cell mate arrives in the village and has a surprise in store

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Lachlan White gets an unexpected visitor next week in Emmerdale when is old cell mate Gerry turns up in the village.

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It’s not long before Gerry is causing trouble for Lachlan – hiring him a prostitute to take his virginity. Ick.

Lachlan and Belle Dingle have been growing closer recently and Lachlan is worried about having sex with Belle who’s more experienced.

When Gerry turns up and starts quizzing him about his relationship with Belle, Lachlan admits that he’s still a virgin.

That’s when Gerry has the bright idea of hiring a prostitute for Lachlan before his first time with Belle.

A nervous Lachlan prepares to get it on with the prostitute, but what will Belle say if she finds out about Gerry’s master plan?

Eden Taylor-Draper told “Gerry’s so annoying! He just tries to cause drama whenever he can.

“He’s just your typical lad with the boys but I don’t think it’s intentional to cause drama, I just think he’s a bit of an idiot.

“Gerry sets Lachlan up with this prostitute and he can’t go through with it because he’s only got feelings for Belle.

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“It kind of goes wrong between Belle and Lachlan but she realises he’s a virgin and she’s completely fine with it and makes him feel less insecure.”

Who said romance is dead?

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