EastEnders SPOILER: Karen Taylor reveals a tragic secret from her past

She's about to revisit a painful time in her life

Karen Taylor has been really struggling to reach out to her grieving daughter, Bernadette, following the schoolgirl’s heartbreaking miscarriage earlier this month.

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The mum-of-four has watched her only daughter go through all the motions of grief and loss, with the knowledge that nothing she can do can help her through her pain.

While Karen was initially shocked to discover her teenage daughter was pregnant, she soon stepped up and offered Bernie love, support and advice.

Soon, the idea that Bernadette was to become a mum herself, sunk in and the whole Taylor family rallied round to support her.

It was no surprise that the family were left shattered when Bernadette suffered a miscarriage at just 18 weeks, following the gas explosion in the Square.

Praise was heaped on the actors after emotional scenes were broadcast last week showing the family saying a sad goodbye to the baby they never knew.

But since then, Karen has felt shut out by Bernie, who is struggling to come to terms with her loss.

Next week, the single mum opens up to her daughter about a painful experience from her own past when the teenager comes home from school even more upset.

It’s something that Karen has never divulged before – but how will Bernadette react to the revelation?

It’s not the only problem Karen is facing next week either. The family’s finances hit a new low and – despite Keegan and Keanu’s attempts to bring more money in – Karen makes a potentially very bad decision.

Backed into a corner with four kids to feed, she finds herself calling a loan shark for some fast cash.

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Relieved to finally have some money in her hands, Karen is able to focus on her daughter again – but what will the cost be?