EastEnders SPOILER: Jay gets a surprise visitor following his showdown with Phil

What NOW for the poor lad??

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We can’t even imagine what sort of a car wreck is going on in Jay Brown’s head now Phil Mitchell has made him doubt everything he thought he knew about himself.

Everyone’s worried about Jay (Credit: BBC)

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For anyone who missed it, Phil recently revealed that he killed Jay’s dad. Now before you start scratching your heads and saying that we saw how his dad, Jase, died and Phil wasn’t involved, let’s go in for a quick recap.

So, Phil told Jay that Jase wasn’t his real dad, but the tramp who died in the infamous car lot fire of ’94 was his biological papa.

Phil then went on to explain that he’s known this the whole time he’s known Jay, and that’s why he took him under his wing. Because guilt.

Er, yikes.

Only then it turned out that Phil had actually been feeding Jay a pack of lies, as he revealed to a mystery caller that he’d fed poor Jay the whole cock and bull story.

But Jay wasn’t privy to this and went away believing his entire life has been a lie.

Jay thinks his whole life is a lie (Credit: ITV)

So it was no wonder that he’s been a bit all over the place this week and even went as far as throwing a few punches Ben’s way.

But Jay’s emotional rollercoaster isn’t quite over as next week an unexpected face arrives to check in on him – but who is it?

First up is Sharon who, after pushing Phil to make amends with Jay, turns up to see him for herself and promises him he’ll always have a place in the Mitchell family.

Shazza isn’t Jay’s only visitor though. It’s not long before a familiar face is knocking on the door with a few opinions of their own.

While we can’t tell you who the mystery visitor is, we can  tell you that their appearance will shake things up even more for Jay as he continues to reel from his bombshell.

Elsewhere, Jay’s erratic behaviour has Billy and Honey worried.

Phil dropped one helluva bombshell on Jay (Credit: BBC)

While Honey tries to get to the bottom of everything, Billy is the one Jay opens up too, leaving him stunned.

So what next for Jay?

We’re just happy that Jamie Borthwick has finally got a storyline that shows what a fab actor he is.

Jamie himself doesn’t know what the future holds for Jay or if he can come back from this massive shock. He said: “I hope so, I don’t know what the solution is though.

“I’m not sure how I’d feel if it was the end of the road for Jay and the Mitchells.

“As a three, Ben, Phil and Jay all work well together. And for me personally too, I love my second family.”

Even Ben and Jay’s bromance has been affected (Credit: BBC)

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We can’t imagine the Mitchells without you Jay!