EastEnders spoiler: JANE to bring about Max’s downfall

That missing phone is about to resurface

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Life isn’t looking too rosy for Max Branning at the moment. He’s public enemy number one in Walford after his plot to pay everyone back for letting him go to prison was uncovered.

Max still has one dark secret left to come out (Credit: BBC)

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To top it all off, he’s been sent packing by Willmott-Brown and his dastardly clan, with little more than a bin bag full of clothes left to show for his year of scheming and manipulating.

Things are set to get even worse for Max if the message Jane Beale left on Stacey Fowler’s phone before her shock exit from the soap is heard.

Even though most of Max’s scheming has come to light, the residents of Albert Square don’t yet know that he ordered Steven Beale to set fire to the restaurant and then left Jane in there to die.

He also caused Steven’s death by pushing him into a counter which caused the internal bleeding he died from.

Jane left a panicked voicemail for Stacey (Credit: BBC)

As Jane fled Walford after Max threatened her son, Bobby, she left a frantic message on Stacey’s phone which revealed everything Max had been up to.

As we know Stacey’s phone was stolen by Taylor twins, Chatham and Riley, and is currently sitting in their elder sister Bernadette’s drawer.

The boys get their hands back on the phone in upcoming episodes as they plan to sell it to raise some much-needed money for Christmas.

But who will end up with the phone next and will they realise the incriminating piece of evidence that it contains?

And will it mean Max will lose his last friend on the square, Stacey?

It might end the theory that EastEnders fans have about Stacey and Max starting up their affair again.

Max Branning's spit has EastEnders fan in a tizz
Max will hit rock bottom over Christmas (Credit: BBC)

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After last night’s episodes where Stacey confessed she still cared for Max, fans went into turmoil predicting that the pair, who first hooked up over a decade ago, would get back together.

We know that Max is set to hit rock bottom over the festive period, but will anyone be there to pick up the pieces?

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