Love Island's Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson talk

Love Island SPOILER: Laura dumps Jack and immediately regrets it

She's been left confused by the Georgia kiss or no kiss situation

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Love Island’s Laura Anderson has dramatically DUMPED partner Jack Fowler after deciding there’s no future for them outside the villa.

But in a twist to air on Sunday night, it seems she’s already having second thoughts about her shock decision…

Viewers will know it’s not been an easy few days for Laura after her best pal in the villa, Georgia Steel, chose to take Jack on a date.

Love Island's Georgia Steel and Laura Anderson talk
Laura tells Georgia she’s not feeling things with Jack (Credit: ITV)

Jack then accused Georgia of trying to kiss him, although she vehemently denied that, leaving Laura very confused as it what went on.

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But perhaps it doesn’t really matter, as on Sunday night’s episode Laura admits to Georgia that she is “not really feeling it anyway” with Jack.

Laura insists: “I’m not going to force anything with anyone. Yes, he’s a good looking guy. I know from last night and today he’s not really the one for me and I’m not going to settle and I’m going to tell him.”

Love Island's Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson talk
Laura tells Jack she can’t see a future outside the villa (Credit: ITV)

Laura, 29, breaks the news to Jack, 22, by saying that although she finds him attractive, she just doesn’t think it’s really working between them and she can’t see how they’d maintain a relationship in the outside world.

She’s also worried about their seven-year age gap, saying: “Obviously you’re a lot younger than me and I don’t want to use age as a thing but I just think I have come in here to meet someone and I don’t want to settle.”

Love Island's Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson talk
Jack admits being a bit blindsided by Laura’s decision (Credit: ITV)

Laura adds: “My heart is just not in it and you have to go with your gut and stick by what you believe in and why you’re here.”

But could Laura have different reasons for ending the relationship?

Love Island's Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson talk
Laura worries about their age gap (Credit: ITV)

She later tearfully admits to the girls her decision to end things with Jack stemmed from her fear he would choose Georgia and leave her alone.

Laura’s already suffered heartbreak in the villa after partner Wes Nelson dumped her for Megan Barton Hanson, so it’s understandable she’s feeling raw about it happening again.

Love Island's Laura cries to Samira
Laura was in tears as she spoke about dumping Jack (Credit: ITV)

She also confesses to ending things with Jack partly because Georgia made her feel bad for believing Jack over Georgia, when she’d known Georgia longer.

But it’s clear a confused Laura’s already regretting her decision the morning after, as she tells Jack how much she misses him.

Love Island's Jack Fowler
Jack is confused by what Laura really wants (Credit: ITV)

She pleads with him to resume their romance, saying her own insecurities from being poorly treated in previous relationships had kicked in.

“I’m trying to say sorry,” she says. “This is hard. I fancy you. I like you and I’ve just [bleeped] it.”

Love Island's Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler talk
Georgia and Jack continue to row over who kissed who (Credit: ITV)

But Jack seems a bit unimpressed by it all, telling Laura it’s a “complete mind [bleep]” to dump him the way she did.

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We’ll have to wait and see whether Jack wants to pick things up where they left off…

Meanwhile, Georgia and Jack continue to argue on Sunday night’s episode over who did or did not try to kiss each other, with Georgia insisting it was Jack who made the first move, and Jack insisting he didn’t instigate anything.

Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2.

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