EastEnders SPOILER: Jack grows closer to nanny Ingrid

Come on, is there anyone who didn't see this coming?

We are VERY SURPRISED to learn that beautiful, blonde nanny Ingrid could be the one who helps Jack Branning move closer to getting over Ronnie’s death.

Spoiler Alert: Jack smiles next week (Credit: BBC)

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No, really, we are. We absolutely did not see that one coming a mile off, with huge great honking horns and flashing lights.

Ok, you got us, we totally called it. What with Ingrid being Jack’s exact type and everything.

Anyway, enough gloating on our part, next week we actually see Jack smile. Which is something that hasn’t happened in approximately 228 days.

The weeks doesn’t start off with him skipping around on the mystical Cloud Nine, however. Jack’s knocked for six by a fresh wave of grief as he heads off with Ingrid and the kids for a camping trip with Billy, Honey and their clan.

Astonishingly, it’s not the thought of being in such close quarters with Billy Mitchell that upsets him. He realises that it’s his first family trip without Ronnie. Sob.

Not sure what’s happening here but they seem happy enough (Credit: BBC)

Instead of helping Jack to heal, he withdraws from the rest of the group as he’s reminded about the future he and Ronnie should’ve had together.

Nanny Ingrid clocks Jack’s odd behaviour and decides to confront him about it as he’s spoiling things for the kids.

When she realises grief for his dead wife is still holding him back, she offers him a shoulder to cry on and Jack soon unburdens himself on her.

Watch out, Ingrid. Jack Branning only has to look at a blonde woman to get her pregnant.

After their chat, he apologises to Honey for being so cold and making things awkward. Then he really throws himself into the camping trip and even (shock) seems to enjoy himself.

Jack’s still grieving for Ronnie (Credit: BBC)

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Has Ingrid finally managed to crack through Jack’s protective shell?