Love Island's Jack Fincham

Love Island SPOILER: Jack apologises to ex Ellie over how romance ended

Jack's also worried what Dani is going to think...

Love Island’s Jack Fincham is stunned to come face to face with ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones in Thursday night’s episode.

In a bombshell twist, the guys have been sent to the Casa Amor villa, where they’re joined by six brand new female islanders.

Well, kind of brand new…

Love Island new arrivals
Six new female islanders arrive on Thursday night (Credit: ITV)

As ED! previously revealed, one of those islanders – Ellie – has history with Jack. They met last August and had been seeing each other on and off before he left for the villa.

So, naturally, Jack is pretty stunned to encounter Ellie at Casa Amor! Particularly when he’s now in a happy relationship with girlfriend Dani Dyer…

Love Island's Jack Fincham
Jack is shocked to see his ex Ellie (Credit: ITV)

After clocking eyes on Ellie, he admits: “It’s going to be a bit weird. It’s a bit of a weird situation. You don’t expect to have a brand new girlfriend and then the girl that you’ve been sleeping with comes in.”

He’s also a bit worried about how Dani may react when she finds out.

Love Island's Ellie Young
Ellie has a bone to pick with Jack (Credit: ITV)

“I don’t think Dani’s going to be best pleased that I spent a few days in the villa with a girl that I’ve been seeing previously,” he frets.

“I wouldn’t be happy either.”

Love Island's Jack Fincham
Jack admits it’s a bit weird seeing Ellie (Credit: ITV)

However, perhaps Dani has nothing to worry about because Ellie has already said she has zero interest in getting back with Jack.

She does, though, want to call him up on the fact he was chatting to her just days before leaving for the villa.

Love Island's Ellie Jones
Ellie thinks Jack should have ended things better with her (Credit: ITV)

Ellie pulls Jack aside for a private chat and admits she feels a “bit awkward” about the whole thing.

She then says: “I have got a bone to pick with you. You could have left things with me a little bit different. You shouldn’t have been in contact with me two days before. If I was in your position I wouldn’t keep in contact. You could have gone about things a little bit different.”

Love Island's Jack Fincham
Jack points out his ex to Josh (Credit: ITV)

Jack agrees, and apologises, saying: “I could have done, and I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, back at the main villa, the girls have also been joined by new arrivals: six brand new male islanders!

Love Island's Dani Dyer
Dani admits she’s worried about Jack being in the other villa (Credit: ITV)

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Dani isn’t interested in any of the men; she’s more preoccupied with what Jack may be doing in the other villa.

She admits that while she trusts Jack, she doesn’t like the idea of a gorgeous new girl chatting to him.

Love Island's Dani Dyer
She trusts Jack but says she’d be silly not to worry (Credit: ITV)

“I know Jack’s my boyfriend and stuff and I trust him but I can’t always pull the wool over my eyes,” she says.

“This always happens to me. I get really, really happy with someone and then some girl with a nice bum and boobs who hasn’t eaten cheese toasties every night is going to try and sway him.

“I’d be silly to not worry and I am worried.”

Love Island airs 9.15pm on ITV2.

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