Emmerdale SPOILER: Is this former couple about to reunite?

Could it be second time lucky in love for this pair?

It looks like a reunion could be on the cards for Paddy Kirk and Rhona Goskirk if these pictures from next week’s episodes are anything to go by.

Rhona leans in for a kiss with Paddy (Credit: ITV)

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Poor Rhona has been left traumatised by her recent rape ordeal and subsequent trial, and a concerned Harriet Finch steps in, asking Paddy to reach out to his ex.

Rhona is grateful for a shoulder to cry on, but is she reading the signals all wrong when she leans in for a kiss?

And isn’t it too soon for her to be making any drastic moves in her emotional life when she clearly hasn’t dealt with what’s happened to her?

The next day Paddy reassures her that they don’t need to talk about what happened – which is just as well because Rhona’s head is all over the place.

Is it too soon for them following Rhona’s traumatic year? (Credit: ITV)

She’s decided to go and visit rapist Pierce Harris in prison to try to get some closure.

Later in the week, Paddy admits to Marlon Dingle that he wants to get Rhona back, but will he listen to Marlon who warns him it’s too soon?

Whatever happens, we hope Rhona isn’t left with a broken heart as it’s also been teased that Paddy could be reuniting with Chas Dingle as part of Lucy Pargeter’s return storyline.

Dales boss Iain McLeod has said of the possible triangle: “At the point where Chas returns, it seems that Rhona is not an option.

Is love on the cards for Paddy and Chas too? (Credit: ITV)

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“So the story then becomes, ‘How do you pursue a new relationship when the woman you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with lives up the road and runs a business with you?’

“You’ll just have to wait and see how this love story involving these three characters pans out.”

Looks like Paddy is going to be a very busy boy over the next few months.

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