EastEnders SPOILER: Is the new Slater actually going to be a male?

The fandom certainly think so

Since it was announced last month that Kat, Jean and Big Mo Slater would be returning to Walford complete with a brand new Slater in tow, EastEnders fans have speculated themselves into a frenzy over who the new arrival could be.

Popular theories have guessed at one of Stacey’s half-sisters – remember her brother Kyle came from a secret family her dad, Brian had up North? – Siobhan or Shannon.

Could more of Stacey’s long-lost siblings be making an appearance? (Credit: BBC)

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Or maybe both sisters could be turning up. There will definitely be a sister-shaped hole in the Square when Abi and Lauren finally leave.

There have also been rumblings of a recast Zoe Slater making a comeback.

But – despite the Slaters traditionally being headed up by women – fans are calling for the new Slater to be a man.

We already know that Kat disappeared off to Ireland at some point in the last two years and found the (now grown) baby son that was whisked away from her at birth.

Maybe Kat will bring her murderous son to Walford (Credit: BBC)

Everyone who saw Redwater – and plenty who didn’t – will know that Kat’s boy (who was called Luke at birth) was raised over on the Emerald Isle and became a serial killing priest.

You know, as one does.

Anyway, Dermot had a moment of redemption at the end of the Kat and Alfie spin-off as he tried to save the mother he’d just found from drowning after a grisly incident with a speedboat and a propellor.

EE fans on Digital Spy’s forums have wondered if Kat would bring Dermot back to Walford – and try to hide his murderous past.

One forum member pondered: “It could also be Kat’s long-lost son coming back with her (he would basically be an “unfamiliar” Slater due to the fact nobody would know him on the square).

“This could be why Kat and Alfie have split up, as Alfie would demand that Kat cut all ties with the murderous vicar but she would refuse.”


Could there be ANOTHER love interest for Whitney? (Credit: BBC)

Another popular theory is that the new Slater might not technically be a Slater, but a grandchild of Big Mo’s from one of her others kids.

Fan on DS have suggested that Mo could be arriving with a grandson in tow who could be a new love interest for Whitney Dean.

Another popular idea is that the women return with Little Mo’s son, Freddie, who would be 13 now.

Long term fans will remember that Little Mo fell pregnant with Freddie after being raped. She was married to Billy Mitchell at the time and the two split because Billy couldn’t accept Mo would keep the baby.

Freddie turning up would definitely cause some problems for Billy and Honey.

Little Mo’s son would be a teenager now (Credit: BBC)

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And with the imminent arrival of Mel Owen’s teenage son, there could be a new generation of EE kids on the Square.

Just keep Bobby Beale in prison, please.

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