Emmerdale SPOILER: Is murderous Emma about to get a new partner in crime?

These two are a match made in hell

Emmerdale’s Emma Barton and Robert Sugden might never have crossed paths before, but they’re about to be thrown into each other’s orbit.

They’re both scheming, lying and villainous, so could they get together and help each other out of their respective messes?

Robert has decided he wants to get his hands on Home Farm, and since he’s split up with Aaron Dingle, he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

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He’s pulled the wool over ex, and baby mama, Rebecca White’s eyes after convincing her she needs him to help her run things while Lawrence White recuperates from his aneurysm.

But what no one knows is Lawrence’s recovery is being severely hampered by the fact Robert is drugging his drinks.

As Rebecca leans on Robert more and more, he’s loving it. She tearfully confides in him that she’s worried for her dad and Robert convinces her to let him speak to Lawrence about the state this situation is leaving the business in rather than involving anyone else – especially not a doctor.

Things get worse when Lawrence continues to drink and then falls asleep in the cafe, only to be spotted by Emma.

Her nurse instincts kick in and she insists to Rebecca that he must be seen by a doctor to get the to bottom of what’s going on.

Robert goes into a spin when the doctor arrives at Home Farm before he can stop it.

He gets there just in time to witness some blood samples being taken away and knows if they’re tested his drugging will be exposed.

Thinking quick, the devious Sugden heads straight to the surgery, claiming to be there on Rebecca’s behalf.

Emma’s the nurse on duty and he asks her about the samples. She reveals they haven’t been sent off yet, buying Robert some time to put a plan into action.

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As he tries to set things in motion, he’s aware that Emma could get suspicious – can he keep her off his back? Or will she discover what he’s up to and expose him?

It could be a very useful collusion if she does, after all, she’s a murderer in need of some back up too. Who better to help her plot than Robert?

For Emma’s part, she’s desperately trying to throw Laurel off her scent by making friends with her again. But Laurel’s having none of it – especially not when Bob offers Emma some work at the cafe.

Could a partnership with Robert help Emma to silence Laurel?

Will they find helping each other out can be mutually beneficial – and just how much damage could this alliance do?

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