Emmerdale SPOILER: HUGE reunion tonight for favourite Dales couple

Nothing can stand in the way of true love...

Calling all fans of Cain and Moira!

If you’ve been waiting for the moment ‘Coira’ reunite then tonight is the night – so make sure you don’t miss Emmerdale.

Credit: ITV
Moira and Cain share a kiss in tonight’s Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

It’s no secret that most Emmerdale fans want Cain Dingle to be with Moira Barton, and not Harriet Finch. It’s not that anyone has got anything against Harriet – it’s just Cain and Moira are meant to be.

And tonight is the night that the pair share a passionate kiss – but where does that leave poor Harriet?

The pair have always had a fiery relationship (Credit: ITV)

In the latest January trailer released by ITV showcasing the drama coming up in the Dales, Moira and Cain can be spotted kissing – and the big moment happens right after Moira has confessed to Ross that she’s the one who killed Emma.

After Moira makes the shocking confession to Ross, he’s obviously fuming and reacts the only way he knows how – by resorting to violence.

Credit: ITV
Ross is stunned when Moira confesses to killing Emma (Credit: ITV)

As he pins Moira up against the wall, Pete walks in just at the right moment and saves her. But how will he react when he hears the news Moira is their mum’s killer?

Later Cain hears what has been happening and goes to check Moira is okay.

Credit: ITV
What will Ross and Pete do with the news Moira is Emma’s killer? (Credit: ITV)

He’s made no secret of the fact he’d like to get back together with the new mum and be a family together with little Issac.

As the pair talk about the day’s events, Cain’s left surprised when Moira leans in and kisses him passionately.

But where does this leave Harriet’s relationship with the moody mechanic?

After a heart-to-heart with Cain, she has decided to make a huge change in her life, and give up being a vicar to concentrate on her romance with Mr Dingle.

Credit: ITV
What happens next for poor Harriet? (Credit: ITV)

Little does she know, Cain is locking lips with his ex at that exact moment in time.

So does the kiss mean Moira has changed her mind and does want Cain back? Could the three of them be a family after all?

All Cain has ever wanted is to be a family with Moira and little Issac (Credit: ITV)

The trailer also shows Moira telling Cain that Harriet is heartbroken, and “knows everything.”

Will the guilt all be get much for Moira and see her put an end to their rekindled romance before it has even began?

Watch Emmerdale tonight, 7pm on ITV1.

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