Emmerdale SPOILER: Huge plot twists revealed about next week’s car crash horror that WILL kill off major characters 

Can anyone survive?

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The White family are about to find themselves staring death in the face when they’re all involved in a high-speed car chase crash that leaves them all fighting for their lives – and Director Duncan Foster has promised this latest stunt is set to “take you out of your comfort zone.”

No one does a stunt quite like Emmerdale – and next week’s life or death crash drama is no exception. Brace yourselves for some action packed scenes in which major characters are set to die.

Chrissie is driving the car when it ploughs into the path of an oncoming lorry (Credit: ITV)

As they prepare to escape Emmerdale for good and head to Australia to make a new start, Lawrence, Rebecca and Chrissie can’t wait to leave the village.

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But just as they’re about to go, Robert Sugden discovers their plans through his private investigator and is determined to stop them taking his son, Seb, away from him.

A private investigator tells Robert that the White family are leaving the village (Credit: ITV)

With the help of his sister, Victoria Barton, Robert snatches Seb while the Whites are packing their car up, and zooms off in his car with the baby.

Robert snatches his son from the car before Rebecca realises what’s going on (Credit: ITV)

Rebecca panics and the family chase after him – little does she know that while Robert is clearly no saint, he isn’t half as dangerous as she thinks thanks to Lachlan spinning lies to her about his nemesis.

But things are about to get even messier thanks to Lachlan.

A high-speed car chase begins when the Whites try to stop Robert taking Seb (Credit: ITV)

With his reluctance to move to Australia playing on Chrissie’s mind, she begs Belle Dingle to dump him, hoping it will make him want to leave the village.

Her plan works, but all hell is set to break lose when Lachlan finds out the truth.

As he confronts his mum in the car, he grabs the wheel during the high-speed chase, veering their out-of-control vehicle into the path of an oncoming lorry.

Rebecca is terrified about her baby son being in the car in front (Credit: ITV)

The crash director at Emmerdale, Duncan Foster has revealed to that these scenes are going to be like nothing we have seen before…

“This head on collision is obviously very dangerous, but what is different is that most of it is shown from inside the car.

“We really want to sell the fear of the stunt from the actors’ point of view as opposed to it just being a camera outside the vehicle looking in. It’s key that we are in the crash with them.”

Duncan has admitted this crash has taken months of storyboarding, just like the huge car pileup that they filmed last year for the famous Hotton bypass crash scenes.

“We learned so much about crashing cars when we filmed those scenes,” he revealed to the website.

There has been tension between Robert and the Whites for months – but that’s all about to come to a head (Credit: ITV)

And in terms of what is set to be shown on screen next week, Duncan has promised we’re in for a treat… “I’m very pleased with the crash because it did exactly what I wanted it to do – which was brilliant.”

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It has been revealed that not all of the White family will survive the crash carnage – if any.

And with Robert in the car that the family were chasing at the time, he’s set to be potentially left not only holding the baby – but also inadvertently with blood on his hands.

Watch the drama unfold on Emmerdale, ITV, Thursday 11th January, 7pm and 8pm.

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