Coronation Street SPOILER: Has Eileen rumbled Phelan?

Will she be the one to save Andy?

Don’t know about you lot, but we haven’t been able to stop thinking about poor Andy Carver since we were stunned with the revelation that Pat Phelan has been keeping him prisoner in a basement for the last nine months.

Eileen discovers the secret cellar (Credit: ITV)

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We’ll admit our minds have gone to some dark places as we’ve wondered who cuts his hair, why is he so tanned and what happens when he needs a poo.

But it looks like Andy’s (and we’ll be honest, our) nightmares could be over next week as Phelan’s wife, Eileen, accidentally stumbles across his secret prison.

Eileen becomes suspicious of her hubby’s frequent disappearances and even more so when she learns that he’s been to the doctor for antibiotics without telling her.

That might be tricky for Phelan to explain because a) the meds are for Andy who’s got himself a nasty, infected wound and b) everyone knows doctors don’t give out antibiotics these days unless your leg is hanging off and the bacteria are doing a Mexican wave before their very eyes.

Could Eileen be the answer to Andy’s prayers? (Credit: ITV)

Phelan’s daughter, Nicole Rubinstein, spots Eileen’s concern and tips him off about the derelict house he’s been working on, so she heads off to find him.

Oblivious Eileen wanders into the house and gives Phelan the fright of his life when her head pops through the cellar door, while he’s busy dealing with Andy.

Phelan legs it up the stairs but is he quick enough to stop Eileen spotting Andy? Or will Andy try shouting for help?

And what will happen to Eileen if she discovers Phelan’s dark, dark secret? There’s still an empty grave outside that house…

Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen, revealed: “Eileen discovers from Liz that Phelan has been to the medical centre, so alarm bells start ringing. Nicola calms her down and tells her to visit the house he is renovating and gives her the address.

“When Eileen turns up, Phelan is shocked to see her and she demands answers. She wants to know why he hasn’t told her about the house and why he has been to the doctors.

“Eileen is angry that he has kept a secret from her and that, coupled with his slightly strange behaviour of late, does make her wonder.”

This is no time for the Macarena, Andy (Credit: ITV)

“But Phelan is very good at pulling the wool over people’s eyes and talking himself out of a situation and he does seem to be trying to do this with Eileen.”

While it looks like Phelan will probably get away with it this time, Sue added that Phelan’s comeuppance is definitely in the post.

She said: “We all want to know when and if Phelan is going to be found out. We film about eight weeks ahead and at the moment, he is still up to no good.

“He is getting more and more desperate, though, as the net is closing in a bit and he has made a couple of mistakes, which is not like him…”

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Eight weeks…that’s still another two months of cellar-views for poor Andy.