Coronation Street SPOILER: Gary returns with a big secret

What's he hiding from Sarah?

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We’ve been pretty worried about Corrie’s Gary Windass since he decided to take up the offer of a job in the Ukraine which required him to leave a will.

Are Gary’s pants on fire? (Credit: ITV)

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Not only that, but he lied to his girlfriend, Sarah Platt, telling her that he was off to work in Germany with his dad, Eddie.

But it looks like Gary arrives back in Weatherfield just in the nick of time when he turns up to see Sarah’s speech at a local parents’ support group.

Sarah steps up to speak out about Bethany and her grooming nightmare and is relieved to have her boyfriend by her side as she makes her moving speech.

Sarah confesses how she feels she let her daughter down and Gary shares his own feelings and promises to be there for Bethany from now on.

But sadly, it seems, Gary won’t be around to keep his promise when he’s offered a chance to go back to the Ukraine and make even more money.

It’s more than his ego that’s bruised (Credit: ITV)

Gaz decides to take the job because the money is wow and y’know, who cares about actual physical well-being as long as the money is ok.

The former soldier then fibs to his mum and sister when he tells them the work is minimum risk and he’s prefectly fine.

But it seems he’s not telling the whole story when he takes off his shirt while alone and reveals a bruised torso and rib cage.

It soon becomes clear that Gary is lying about the dangers of his new job, but will anyone stop him?

Mikey North, who plays Gary, revealed: “Gary is going to come back a bit troubled and things are going to happen out there that he’s not going to let on to anyone to start with, even with Sarah.

“The audience will see what is going on. Then things will gradually keep getting worse. He keeps coming back with horror stories.”

Will he tell the truth to anyone? (Credit: ITV)

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Er, Gary, you were supposed  to be the one to stop the nightmares!