Coronation Street SPOILER: Gary cheats on Sarah

But who does he do the dirty with?

Gary Windass is not going to be very popular with either the Platt family – or his own – when he cheats on girlfriend Sarah with Phelan’s daughter, Nicola Rubinstein.

Any port in a storm, eh Gaz? (Credit: ITV)

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And if THAT wasn’t bad enough, ‘cos it’s really pretty awful after everything Sarah has been through with Bethany this year, Nicola winds up preggers!

This situation fully could not get any worse.

As we know, Gary and Sarah have been together and plan on getting their own place with Bethany and baby Harry and becoming a proper family.

Gaz has been an absolute rock for the Platts during he whole Bethany-grooming thing, helping to rescue her from evil Nathan Curtis’ clutches.

So him letting Sarah down so massively just when she needs him most – don’t forget we’ve still got Nathan’s trial to come – will not impress Gail.

Gary flashes his cash before he cheats (Credit: ITV)

Or notorious hothead, David.

Meanwhile, Gary’s mum Anna, has her own beef with Phelan after he conned her into sleeping with him to pay off her ex Owen Armstrong’s debt.

Her hatred for Phelan is well-known so news that she’s about to become a co-grandparent with him will NOT go down very well.

The whole messy situation kicks off next week when a miserable Gary runs into Nicola in a bar. Gary’s narked that he has to go back to his dangerous job in the Ukraine.

Izzy has some bad news for Gary (Credit: ITV)

While Sarah doesn’t want him to, his ex, Izzy Armstrong, reveals their son Jake needs expensive speech therapy. Poor Gaz feels he has no option.

He tries to make the most of his time with Sarah by spoiling her, but when she refuses a night out on the town with him because she has to work, he skulks off on his own.

This is when he bumps into Nicola and, unaware of who she is, he unburdens himself. Nicola offers a friendly ear and some advice, but it’s not long until they end up sleeping together.

How will Gary feel when he discovers who Nicola’s father is? And will his night of passion with her mean the end for him and Sarah?

Of all the gin joints etc etc (Credit: ITV)

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Seriously Gaz, you don’t wanna be crossing Phelan. Just look at poor Andy Carver.