EastEnders SPOILER: Fi’s plan is exposed

But who finds out the truth?

EastEnders’ Fi Browning has been scheming and plotting with Max Branning, but as his tangled web starts to unravel, is she about to be exposed too?

Max’s secret has been discovered by Jane Beale. While we don’t know whether Jane lives or dies, we do know the cracks are really starting to show in the Branning masterplan.

Max’s plan is falling apart (Credit: BBC)

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Fi is desperate to paper over everything and forge on ahead as agreed, but she knows it’s going to need a big gesture to put things right.

She organises a champagne reception on behalf of Grafton Hill for everyone at The Vic, and even invites the mayor to give a speech. Hmm, we’re pretty sure a pie and a pint would have gone down better with the Walford lot!

Making herself out to be the strength of the local community, and pretending she really cares about Walford and everyone who lives there, Fi seems to have people fooled.

Fi’s all sweetness and light on the outside, but she’s up to no good really (Credit: BBC)

But is it herself she’s really fooling? She’s been growing closer to Mick Carter as he supported her through her grief over her mum’s death, and she seems to be fitting in more and more with him and the Carters and less and less with lover Max.

There’s one Carter though who’s still not convinced by her show of community spirit.

Whitney sees Fi do something questionable and starts to wonder if she really does have the Square’s best interests at heart.

Does Whitney know Fi’s game? (Credit: BBC)

What has Whitney spotted? And is she clever enough to work out what it all means?

Could Whitney confront Fi and have a showdown over her suspicions? Or will she confide in Mick and Linda what she thinks she knows and leave it up to them to deal with?

Later in the week, Fi’s on the phone and it sounds very mysterious indeed. What is she plotting now?

What’s she up to? (Credit: BBC)

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As the residents react badly to Fi’s planned soiree in the pub (well, we did try to tell her), it looks like it’s all falling apart for her.

Where do her loyalties lie? It would be an interesting twist if she really had been carried away by the spirit of Walford and decided to turn again her own co-conspirators.

Perhaps she’s not as ruthless as we thought. We’re sure there’s a softer side in there, it’s just a question of whether she’ll show it of her own accord or have her hand forced…

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