Coronation Street SPOILER: First pictures of the man who will rape David Platt

The beginning of a huge storyline in Corrie

There are dark times ahead for an unsuspecting David Platt – and this is the first glimpse of the man who is set to rape him.

It was revealed last year that Coronation Street are going to be tackling the topic of male rape after David Platt is attacked by a newcomer called Josh.

The storyline, which will reportedly see David drugged and attacked on a night out with his new friend, will focus on the aftermath of the night in question, rather than the actual attack itself.

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It has been said that David will wake up to discover that he has been attacked, and viewers will see the impact this has on him and how he struggles to deal with what has happened.

In the episodes that follow the attack, Corrie is set to shine a light on the stigma that surrounds male rape – especially when an ashamed David doesn’t know if he should report the rape to the police or not.

Manchester Evening News reported last year that the soap will be working with charities such as Survivors Manchester to ensure the storyline is handled with the accuracy and sensitivity that it deserves.

In these latest pictures, newcomer Josh, played by Ryan Clayton, arrives in Weatherfield looking for a job.

He applies to be the new mechanic at the garage – replacing murdered Luke Britton.

But what his employer, Tyrone, doesn’t realise is this new character has a dark future ahead of him.

Josh initially seems to be a handsome personal trainer, looking for nothing more than employment.

But it soon becomes apparent that his time on the Street is going to be more hard-hitting than anyone can imagine.

A source told The Mirror: “There won’t be any sexually explicit scenes, what has happened to David will be implied by his reaction and behaviour when he wakes up the next day and starts to remember some of what happened.

“With Josh still on the street, David struggles to deal with the shame of what has happened to him. This is a big storyline for Jack P Shepherd, who plays David, and everyone is determined to get it right.”

This is the first time male rape has been tackled on Coronation Street.

Until now Hollyoaks is the only soap who have covered the topic, with Luke Morgan’s vicious attack at the hands of Mark Gibbs.

This raised huge discussions when it was aired back in 2000.

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The show are currently revisiting the same storyline with Mark returning to the show, proving that the ordeal still haunts Luke to this day.