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EastEnders SPOILER: Find out who Aidan Maguire REALLY is in tonight’s hour-long special

Get answers to all your questions in tonight's extended visit to Walford

EastEnders’ New Year’s Day special is never an episode to be missed – and while last night’s visit to Walford certainly didn’t disappoint, we were definitely left with more questions than answers by the time the credits rolled.

But, fear not! Tonight’s trip to the Square is another hour-long special, and show insiders have teased that we will finally find out the truth behind Aidan’s motives.

Last night’s episode left viewers with unanswered questions (Credit: BBC)

After the cliffhanger of last night’s drama, we were left wondering who actually got shot? Was it Mick? Who was the shooter that the credits named ‘Halfway’? And why did Mick recognise him?

Who is the man in the back of the van that Mick recognised? (Credit: BBC)

We were also left wondering why the Walford men that Aidan chose for his job all had to cover their identity, while Aidan remained totally recognisable?

Why did Aidan not have to hide his identity? (Credit: BBC)

And why did the dodgy job take place in broad daylight, with plenty of witnesses around?

And with theories about Mel Owen’s return to the Square being linked to the storyline, there are more questions than ever that we need answering.

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In tonight’s episode, that promises to be action-packed, we will find why Aidan took on the heist plan in the first place, and why exactly he chose the specific Walford men to take part that he did.

Keanu Phil vincent Eastenders (Credit: BBC)
Find out why Aidan chose the men he did in tonight’s episode (Credit: BBC)

We are also set to see what happens when the horrified men do their best to salvage the job that has gone so terribly wrong.

Aidan didn’t look all that surprised when things started to go belly up – is this because he knew it was a plan destined to fail?

We’ll also discover which of the men has been left with their life hanging in the balance, and might not see much more of 2018.

Shirley Linda carter Eastenders (Credit: BBC)
Who did Linda and Shirley see get shot? (Credit: BBC)

As the ripples from the botched job start to take effect, the focus of tonight’s episode will shift to everyone’s desperate plan to cover up what has happened…

No one involved wants the New Year’s Day events to become public knowledge – but with such a catastrophic fallout predicted, how easy will it be to hide the truth?

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Get all the answers in tonight’s EastEnders, on at the earlier time of 7pm, on BBC One.