EastEnders SPOILER: Fi reveals her true colours to Mick?

He might be about to find out what she's really up to

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It’s been pretty obvious that scheming Fi Browning has had her eye on Mick Carter, since she arrived in Walford claiming she was now in charge of The Queen Vic.

Obviously, we now know that there’s more to the blonde business bombshell as she’s in a relationship with Max Branning and seems to be pulling his strings when it comes to his infamous revenge plan.

Does Fi fancy a bit of Mick too? (Credit: BBC)

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Mick’s already in the doghouse with wife, Linda, after confessing to kissing Whitney Dean while Linda was away looking after her mum in Watford.

He recently told Linda that he thinks he’s in love with the barmaid – and we still don’t know what this means for the former #marriagegoals couple.

Linda hasn’t forgiven Mick yet. But will he really stray again with Frisky Fi?

Will Mick risk his marriage again? (Credit: BBC)

Next week, Mick offers Fi a shoulder to cry on when she turns on the waterworks during a visit to The Vic.

During the Walford in Bloom contest, Mick asks Fi to make a speech on behalf of the pub, but he’s shocked when the brassy blonde comes over all emosh.

Mick, being lovely, offers Fi an ear to bend, but it looks like she could have ulterior motives.

Has Fi got more than figures on her mind? (Credit: BBC)

Will Mick be daft enough to stray again, or will he simply learn something about Fi when she opens up to him. But will she reveal her true colours?

Is Mick about to stumble upon her plan to ruin his pub – and the Square?

And could her tears be a rouse to drive more of a wedge between the landlord and his missus?

Fi has been flirting with Mick since she arrived in Walford and ordered long-serving barmaid, Tracy, to be fired from the iconic pub.

She also ruffled his mum, Shirley’s, feathers by saying her age and attitude were putting the customers off and ordered Mick to fire her.

Shirley overheard the conversation and quit before Mick could sack her, but hasn’t stopped feeling sad about the betrayal.

Next week, sees Linda struggle with a lunch thrown by Shirley and has to entertain newly-engaged Whitney and Woody.

A drunken Linda awkwardly flirts with Woody and soon admits she isn’t sure her marriage can come back from Mick’s betrayal.

Is it the end? (Credit: BBC)

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Could it really be all over for our favourite EE couple?


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