Coronation Street SPOILER: Surprising couple to reunite this Christmas

We never thought we'd see these two back together

We’re not sure if this is a great idea, or a very, very bad one, but Corrie bosses have revealed Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow are set to be reunited this Christmas.

With the festive season fast approaching, it seems that a lonely Steve and Tracy are sick of being single and so find themselves seeking comfort in each other’s arms.

But surely this reunion is only going to end in disaster?

There are bound to be a few people who won’t approve of this new love affair.

Not only will Steve and Tracy’s daughter, Amy, be shocked by her parents getting back together, but also Steve’s mum, Liz.

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Liz and Tracy found themselves at loggerheads when it was revealed Tracy had been secretly sleeping with Liz’s boyfriend, Tony Stewart.

Steve and Tracy share a huge amount of history together, and with Tracy easily being one of the Street’s more unhinged characters, it’s clear this new romance is going to be full of drama.

Speaking to The Sun, show boss Kate Oates explained: “Amy’s not happy about it, because she knows that they’re both trouble and on a very shallow level she’s used to things being as they are.

“She gets two birthday presents, two Christmas presents, she gets two sets of Christmas presents as kids of broken homes do.”

Kate continued: “You can see what sort of thing has drawn them back together – they’ve both been around the block so many times the pair of them that actually in a way, maybe they should be brought back together for a while.”

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With Simon Gregson’s classic comic timing as Steve McDonald, and Kate Ford’s scathing portrayal of Tracy Barlow, it looks like this is going to be a Christmas the pair will never forget.

Oates hinted that all might not be festive and cheery for long… comparing the couple to a “walking car crash.”

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