Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma lines up a new victim

Who's in her sights now?

Emmerdale’s Emma Barton might be a murdering villain, but one thing’s for sure, she’ll do anything to protect her family – even if it’s more than a little bit bonkers.

Remember when she framed Finn’s love interest Kasim for burning the Bartons’ taxi? Completely OTT, but all in the name of love for her son.

Well, she’s set to go too far once again next week as she lines up her next victim in so-called defence of her boys: watch out Priya Sharma, Emma Barton’s after you…

Emma blames Leyla for everything (Credit: ITV)

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After what happened at Pete Barton and Leyla Harding’s wedding, Pete is a bit of an emotional wreck.

Ever the protective mum, Emma is firmly in Pete’s corner and blames Leyla for everything.

After Pete has a tense meeting with Leyla to collect his things, Emma makes some very nasty remarks about his former bride, and Pete’s had enough.

Pete collects his things and the situation is tense (Credit: ITV)

He loses his temper with his mother and insists the whole mess is his fault as he was having an affair with Leyla’s best friend, Priya.

Emma can’t believe what she’s hearing – to her it brings back all the bad memories of her husband James and his infatuation with Moira Dingle.

Emma’s devastated her son is a cheat like his dad (Credit: ITV)

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That was something she wholeheartedly blamed Moira for, and despite the fact Emma’s disappointed her son is a cheat just like his dad, she instantly decides that Priya is the one to blame here.

Seeking her out in the cafe, Emma gives Priya a severe dressing down.

Priya doesn’t take the tirade of abuse well, in fact she’s completely shaken up by it – she’s clearly just seen Emma’s dark side.

Emma tells Priya exactly what she thinks of her (Credit: ITV)

What worries the factory boss more though is the prospect that Emma will tell Leyla everything and ruin the girls’ friendship.

If we were Priya we’d be far more worried about what Emma might do to us – the woman is deranged.

Could Priya find herself Emma’s next victim? She’s known for kidnap, murder, manipulation and bullying, so Priya really had better watch her step with her new enemy.

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