EastEnders SPOILER: Drama for Michelle as her stalker makes a return

Tom's back - just in case you'd thought EE bosses had forgotten about him

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We were a little bit worried that Michelle Fowler’s love interest/stalker storyline had been totally forgotten about in all the boss-swap drama.

Tom’s back for more Michelle (Credit: BBC)

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But fear-thee-not as Tube Man Tom makes a return to the Square next week and he still fancies a bit of Michelle, keen to win her over after his disappearing act.

So where has he been and what has he been doing? Nothing that’s going to benefit ‘Chelle, we’re willing to wager.

We already know that Tom is bad news. He’s been stalking Michelle and taking pics of her outside her house. He also displayed signs of a scary temper after an innocent market-goer walked into him.

‘Chelle recently deleted his number after failing to hear from him for a while. Has he been away somewhere, or has he been secretly watching her from afar?

There was speculation that new ‘Enders boss, John Yorke, had decided to scrap the storyline, but that clearly isn’t the case as Tom returns wanting another chance.

Is Tom friend or foe? (Credit: BBC)

Michelle doesn’t take much convincing either, despite swearing off him, and they make their romance public by having a big old snog in The Vic.

But is Tom too good to be true? We’re going with YES! OF COURSE HE IS!

Michelle and Tom first met when they kept ‘bumping’ into each other on the exact same tube carriage every single day. Coincidence?

They got talking when Tom’s nose started spontaneously bleeding and Michelle handed him a tissue. Romantic, huh?

It looked like Michelle might be moving on from her ill-fated romance with Preston when she agreed to go on a date with Tom – and they actually got on.

But things took a turn for the sinister when he seemed to follow her home and then film her going into her home.

He also showed rumbling of a darker side when someone accidentally bumped into him on the street and then apologised saying, ‘sorry mate.’

Michelle and Tom met on the tube (Credit: BBC)

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Tom growled back, ‘I’m not your mate.’ Dark.

It looks like Michelle could be walking into the lion’s den.