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EastEnders SPOILER: Double stabbing shocks the Square

The residents are reeling after two of their own are attacked

The residents of Walford are in a state of shock next week when two locals get stabbed on their own doorstep.

As the Royal Wedding kicks off, the Square is celebrating in style and the residents all gather to celebrate the big day.

Linda’s getting everyone in the spirit (Credit: BBC)

In a rush to get home, Keegan Taylor spots an unattended bike and steals it, riding it back to the Square.

Later, Keegan shows his new bike off to Shakil Kazemi who warns him that the gang he swiped it from have put a photo of him stealing it on social media.

Shakil shows Keegan the picture (Credit: BBC)

Keegan refuses to return the bike, so Shakil takes matters into his own hands and decides to return it himself.

But before he has a chance to, the gang arrive at the Vic looking for Keegan, forcing him to hide in the toilets.

As Mick Carter gets rid of the gang, Keegan realises what Shakil has done and heads outside to find the bike gone.

Mick gets rid of the gang (Credit: BBC)

Worried for his friend, Keegan spots one of the gang members in the ally but before he has a chance to confront him, he’s stabbed.

As he collapses, he sees that Shakil has been stabbed too.

It’s the end for poor Shakil (Credit: BBC)

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When Shakil tries to desperately get help, he gets caught in the crowd of drunken revellers and Mick assumes that he’s drunk too and sends him away.

As Shakil is forced to try and get help somewhere else, his condition deteriorates and he collapses out of sight.

Will anyone find him in time?

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