Emmerdale SPOILER: Debbie Dingle’s new love interest sets pulses racing

Deb's about to be swept into a whole new lifestyle

Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle is about to become the centre of a new love storm as a suave new character arrives in town.

Producer Iain MacLeod hinted that Charley Webb’s character will find herself swept away by wealthy newcomer Tom Waterhouse (Ned Porteous) after he steps into the show as a potential client.

Porteous, who moves to the ITV soap following his role as Mark Fowler in EastEnders last year, will be accompanied by his business associate and close friend, Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

Tom opens the doors to another world for Debbie.
Tom opens the doors to another world for Debbie (ITV/PA)

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While a case of mistaken identity will lead to an awkward first meeting, MacLeod said: “There’s going to be some interest between Tom and Debbie…and we’ve got a really interesting 12-month direction romantically-speaking for Graham as well.

“She’s been through a tough time of it with Sarah, and with the Dingles it’s non-stop drama.

“When she meets Tom for the first time, it’s like a holiday from her life… a promise of the exotic and the opulent with the escapism that Tom presents. She finds herself quite seduced by that.”

The newcomers spell big buisness – and big romance – for Debbie (Credit: ITV/PA)

But he continued: “In some respects they are quite similar characters, except one was born with a silver spoon in their mouth and the other born with an oily wrench in their mouth.

“But bizarrely they are like two sides of the same coin, so by that token when they first meet they’re not going to like each other very much.”

He promised that the new arrivals were “absolutely” lined up for long-term roles and there are already plans to unveil the secrets from their past that brought them together.

MacLeod said: “They met at boarding school and there is an incident that will come to light later on where something big happened and one of them was involved in rescuing the other… there’s a depth emotionally-speaking between them.

“They are more like family members than business associates.”

Emmerdale will be celebrating at the moment after winning big at Monday night’s TV Choice Awards.

They won every possible soap award on the night as they were named best soap, Charlotte Bellamy best actress, Ryan Hawley best actor, and Sally Dexter best newcomer.

Well deserved!

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