Emmerdale SPOILER: Death at Home Farm as Lawrence causes horror crash

It's not all White at Home Farm right now

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So, it’s pretty safe to say that the situation at Home Farm will be a ‘little bit delicate’ after the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth comes out about Tim, Lawrence and Chrissie’s dad. Meep.

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But things are about to get even worse for the Whites, when Robert Sugden decides he fancies a bit of Home Farm (don’t do it Rob, it’s clearly cursed) and takes matters into his own hands.

After Robert’s meddling, Lawrence’s car ends up smashing into the crowds at the Night of the Living Dead event – but will anyone actually make it out alive?

With a name like that and, having watched Hollyoaks at least once in our lives, we’re not sure it will make much of a difference, tbh.

As fans know, sneaky Robert is planning to take over Home Farm as his own, but he’s left annoyed when Lawrence decides to check himself out of hospital early.

Robert isn’t  moved by this and soon we see him crumbling sleeping pills into Lawrence’s brandy bottle.

Rob’s baby-mama, Rebecca White, soon spots how disorientated her dad is and wants to cancel the whole event – but Lachlan insists the show must go on.

Thanks to the sleeping tabs, Lawrence passes out and sleeps for a mega long time, before waking up and realising the event is carrying on without him.

Drugged and disorientated, he climbs into his car, clearly in no state to drive.

Back at the event, Sarah Dingle is begging her aunt, Belle, to let her do the Zombie Run. Belle isn’t keen but realises it might be her Sarah’s last chance.

Just as Belle is giving Sarah her appraisal, Lawrence’s car come hurtling towards the crowd.

Belle, Lachlan, Lawrence, Sarah and Victoria are all caught up in the dramatic and potentially fatal consequences.

Has Robert accidentally caused even more heartache for the Dingles?

Elsewhere, Aaron comes across an uncrushed sleeping pill and realises it belongs to Robert. Will he be able to piece together the, frankly rather random bits, and work out that Robert is in trouble?

Most of all, will it lead to a RobRon reconciliation? Because, that’s all we actually care about right now, right?

We’ve been a wee bit suspicious about Rob’s intentions towards Home Farm since he started helping himself to Lawrence’s finest brandy, but is his game almost up?

Seems not quite, following his hospital discharge, Lawrence isn’t quite himself and accidentally doesn’t cover his tracks when he takes a swig of his warned-against whiskey.

Robert soon spots that the booze level is dropping and crumbles some pills he’s been prescribed for insomnia into the liquid. But is booze and sleeping pills too much for Lawrence?

Lawrence is woken later by the noise and confusion from the Zombie Run, but not getting what’s happening, tries to climb into his car to find out what’s going on.

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But disorientated and confused, disaster strikes for Lawrence, leaving at one person dead. But who?

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