Coronation Street SPOILER: David Platt rapist will show his dark side in vicious brawl

Josh will attack David in coming weeks

Coronation Street’s controversial new character, Josh Tucker, will show his dark side in scenes due to air next month which show him getting involved in a street brawl.

All hell breaks loose when Alya Nazir comes face to face with the racist Parker brothers who she believes killed her boyfriend, Luke Britton last month.

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Viewers know it was actually evil builder Pat Phelan who murdered the mechanic but Alya thinks the brothers killed him in a racist attack.

Alya spots their BMW and has a showdown with them, but is joined by Josh and David Platt who are training for the upcoming boxing match being held in Luke’s memory.

New pictures from filming show Josh and David getting stuck in to the nasty brothers, with punches flying.

Most Corrie fans know that Josh will go on to drug and rape David in a harrowing storyline planned for next month, but this will be the first glimpse of his dark side.

Up until now he’s come across as a nice, normal bloke – impressing Tyrone at his interview for a job at the garage and charming the locals with his suggestion to hold the boxing match in Luke’s memory.

Will this fight alert David to the fact that all is not as it seems with his new friend?

Ryan Clayton, who plays Josh, spoke to ED! about his role.

He described his character as: “He is a real charmer, he’s a lads lad, wants to get one with everyone, likes to be centre of attention, and likes to be everyone’s mate.

“He is the type of guy who would be nice to anyone and wants to charm the pants off anyone he meets.”

The rape storyline has already caused a lot of controversy among fans with many threatening to boycott the show.

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But others have embraced it, saying it’s an important issue to raise awareness of.

Corrie have confirmed that the attack itself won’t be shown, the story will focus on David’s mental state during the aftermath.

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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