Coronation Street SPOILER: David and Shona finally admit their feelings

Well, it's about ruddy time

They’ve been circling around each other for absolutely months, but it looks like Shona Ramsey and David Platt are about to admit their feelings.

David and Shona come face to face (Credit: ITV)

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About time guys, we’re not getting any younger here, you know.

Admittedly it might not be the most conventional relationship ever, what with the whole Shona-giving-life-to-the-person-who-killed-David’s-soulmate thing, but there is just something about Shona and David (Shavid?) that’s so cute.

They narrowly missed out on getting together a few months ago, until the terrible truth about Shona being Clayton’s mum came out.

But thanks to Shona stepping up to help out with nailing Bethany’s evil groomer, Nathan Curtis, David has started to thaw towards her.

Things kick off again next week when Shona wins £6000 on a scratch-card Bethany gives her. It’s not long before Macca has gotten wind of her windfall and is sniffing round.

Macca has some news for Shona (Credit: ITV)

He tries to convince her that she now has the money to launch an appeal for Clayton, to try to get him out of prison.

Macca tells Shona that her son is suicidal behind bars and Shona visits him to check how he’s doing.

Clayton pulls on her heart-strings at first when he hugs her and tells her he’s missing her, but it’s not long before he confesses to running a drug ring inside.

Has Clayton just blown his chances with his mum forever?

Meanwhile, David has found out that Shona has been considering helping Clayton and, let’s just say, he’s not a happy bunny about it.

Shona makes a decision about Clayton (Credit: ITV)

He confronts Shona, but she takes charge of the situation, locking them in the cafe together. Smooth move, girlfriend.

The pair end up having an emotional heart-to-heart, both admitting they like each other. But they struggle to see how they can make things work with Clayton coming between them.

Julia Goulding, who plays Shona, revealed: “When David finds out that Shona is looking into the possibility of using the money to get Clayton out of prison, he’s furious.

“However, Shona has made a decision at this point. After seeing Clayton’s true colours, she decides that she’s not going to try and get him off. Instead, she’s going to put the money in a trust fund for him for when he gets out. She’s using the money for good in her eyes, and is also helping Clayton build a life for himself when he gets out of prison in 15 years.

“But David is obviously furious and storms round to the café and there is a massive showdown between Shona and David. Of course there is a lot of underlying tension there, some bad tension and some massive sexual chemistry. There are so many mixed feelings. It is like an electrical storm of emotion.”

Just snog already! (Credit: ITV)

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But can they turn that cocktail of emotions into a relationship? Come on guys, we’re rooting for you.