Emmerdale SPOILER: Danny Miller drops HUGE hint about that promised Robron reunion

Hurry up already!

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has dropped a huge hint on Twitter about the long-awaited reunion between his character, Aaron Dingle, and the love of his life, Robert Sugden.

Danny took to Twitter to tell fans that there is an episode coming up that they’re going to love.

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He also name dropped Dales scriptwriter, Maxine Alderton and director, Duncan Foster, who have been responsible for some of Robron’s best scenes.

So that’s pretty exciting, right?

Danny wrote: “What do you get when you cross a @MaxineAlderton & @duncanfo…? A bloody good episode of @emmerdale that I KNOW you’re going to love.”

Robron fans were quick to put two and two together and work out that Danny was giving away a huge hint at the reunion that’s been promised for months.

“Aaarrrgggghhhh!!! You big tease! Nice writer/director combo! I’m hoping this is something super amazing Robron wise!,” gushed one fan.

Another wondered: “Danny you tease! Could this possibly be the #Robron reunion we’ve all been waiting for?”

A third excited fan replied: “It’s just got to be hasn’t it??!! BRING IT ON!!!”

Robron fans have been waiting for their favourite soap ship to get back together since Emmerdale’s executive producer, Iain MacLeod, confirmed there would be a reunion.

Speaking last year, he told The Sun: “I always think of Aaron and Robert as being on either end of a massive piece of elastic.

“At the moment the elastic is stretched pretty tight.

“The events of Christmas and New Year will boing them back together, to coin an expression.”

It’s expected that Aaron and Robert, who got married in a non-official ceremony last February, will tie the knot for REAL in scenes to be shown this summer.

The couple split last year after Robert’s one night stand with his ex, Rebecca White, resulted in her falling pregnant with his son.

Despite trying to make their relationship work, Aaron couldn’t move past the fact Robert would have a baby with someone else and told his lover they should split.

Since then, Aaron has moved on with sexy Doctor Alex, but it’s just not good enough for the Robron fans who want to see their faves back together again.

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If Danny’s tweet has been interpreted correctly, then it doesn’t look like they have too much longer to wait.